Monday, March 8, 2010

“Operation Sledgehammer”

The charming thing about conspiracies is when a machination is real - no one ever suspects - when it's not real - everyone does.

Maybe, maybe not!

As best understood, the modern Turkish State has been protected by the Army - the guarantor of a secular unM'hammedist rule "...clearly stated in the Turkish constitution and determined by laws as to react against new security challenges and crises in 2000’s, to be ready to face the uncertainties, and to ensure the security of Turkey against internal and external risks."

For eons, Turkish Army has been swaggerlicious:

Turkish Armed Forces are way more grande' than France and Great Britain combined, with 514,000 men under arms and 380K in reserve, plus a robust air force with American fighters.

Actually, it's the 2nd largest standing force in NATO after Great Satan, and 8th biggest number of active troops in the world.

Since the 2002 elections have put M'Hammedists in charge of Turkey's gov, Turkey's General Staff actually prepped a plan to seize control if things got jank.

Details leaked from the 5000 page plot "Operation Sledgehammer" are totally off the hook yet wickedly familiar.

Terror bombs on the two biggest mosques in Turkey, fomenting a military crises with Greece involving the shoot down of a Turkish plane (plotting to shoot it down themselves if the Greeks declined), arresting over 200K ppl, panzers patrolling certain city districts and

"...also hoped to end transmission of many TV and radio stations, which they categorized as "extreme right," "extreme left" and "missionary." Among such stations were Radyo 7, Kanal 7, Yön FM and Mega FM."

Oh Snap!

"One bold idea was to stir up chaos in society through violent acts so that a military takeover would be justified. Options included bombing an Istanbul mosque during the Friday prayer, which would provoke the Islamic masses and lead them to a clash with security forces. In the face of this “Islamist uprising,” the military would roll its tanks, and save the country from the incumbent “reactionary forces.”

"Another option was intentionally bringing down a Turkish warplane on the Aegean, putting the blame on Greece, and thus creating tension between the two countries – something that would show the dovish government as weak, and, again, lead to the military’s ascendance.

Pic "Balyoz!”