Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Is China On Dope?

"China's premier Wen Jiabao is defiant.

"Some say China has got more arrogant and tough. Some put forward the theory of China's so-called 'triumphalism'. My conscience is untainted despite slanders from outside," he said

"Days earlier the State Council accused America of serial villainy. "In the US, civil and political rights of citizens are severely restricted and violated by the government. Workers' rights are seriously violated," it said.

"The US, with its strong military power, has pursued hegemony in the world, trampling upon the sovereignty of other countries and trespassing their human rights," it said.

"At a time when the world is suffering a serious human rights disaster caused by the US subprime crisis-induced global financial crisis, the US government revels in accusing other countries." And so forth.

"Is the Politiburo smoking weed?

China has yet to recover from geopolitical dissess - a century old gripe inflicted by the West, writes Ambrose Evans-Pritchard.

"China has succumbed to hubris. It has mistaken the soft diplomacy of Barack Obama for weakness, mistaken the US credit crisis for decline, and mistaken its own mercantilist bubble for ascendancy. There are echoes of Anglo-German spats before the First World War, when Wilhelmine Berlin so badly misjudged the strategic balance of power and over-played its hand.

"China's transformation has been remarkable since Deng Xiaoping unleashed capitalism, but as a former diplomat George Walden writes in "China: a Wolf in the World?" you cannot feel at ease with a regime that still covers up Mao's murderous nihilism.

"China has never forgiven the humiliations inflicted by the West when the two civilisations collided in the 19th century and intends to exact revenge.

"Handle with care

Pic "Righteous Fists of Harmony" from China Mash Up


Peter said...

China has had the one child policy since 1978-1979. China also has a social system that values boys over girls. Since the one child policy there have been a slew of abortions and infanticides, mostly of girls.

So, china has a bunch of young men now, with no real hope of a normal marriage, not exactly a recipe for a nice peaceful society, nor one comfortable for the rulers.

So, China needs a war.

Grouchy Historian said...

Don't forget to add

Entering the Dragon’s Lair by the RAND Corporation (one of your favorite evil organizations)


Why AirSea Battle? from The Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments (CSBA) which should be one of your new favorite evil organizations.

China will definitely bear watching..