Thursday, March 18, 2010


Frenemies - in the diplopolititary sense - meaning nation states that are NOT allies, not neutrals and currently are not openly fighting.

Since 44 hit the hood the Foreign Policy scene has had several cool things: Reading the Riot Act to Land of the Pure, laughing off the risible cries of sovereignity while incinerating creepy creeps with heck fire missile strikes, literally out of the blue. Captured and dead al Qaeda and Taliban are seemingly increasing at an exponential rate. Surging AfPAk.


Alas, the jank (suckish, bad - catching on?) stuff seems to be increasing at an exponential rate too -

"If there were a way to measure administration exertion in foreign policy, the meter would show the greatest concentration of energy, beyond the war in Afghanistan, has been devoted to four endeavors:

"The failed first-year attempt to improve relations with Iran;

"The ongoing attempt to improve relations with Russia;

"The stalled effort to improve cooperation with China;

"The effort -- fruitless so far -- to prove to the Arab states that the United States is willing to pressure Israel to further the peace process.

"Add to these the efforts to improve relations with Syria, engage Burma and and not much has been left for the concerns of our allies.

No allies - but plenty of enemies -

"All that raises the question: What exactly are the advantages these days of being a friend of the U.S., when neutrals and enemies garner as much of our sympathies?

"An idealistic America may now decide that it does not want or need special allies
"But that diffidence will eventually mean we have more enemies than ever — as the watching world makes the necessary adjustments and joins those who unabashedly promise them support and protection.

Pic "You came around and hunted me down"


Unknown said...

This is something the EUnix, in all their great deep-thinkery and nuance nancyism can't wrap their collectivized heads around.

The more Europer loving and Europer mimicking American leadership gets, the worse life gets for Europers.

Europe is lost and defenseless without a strong, resolute and stalwart American leadership to look after them.

The constant wish of Europers to have a Europeresque USA proves the common suicidal insanity of Europers.

Peter said...

What would be nice is that we had some faint glimmer of hope that the Chicago Thug in Chief residing at 1600 Penna Ave was a friend of the United States of America.

The Recapitulator said...

Just wait until this economic tide rolls out...the rest of the world will toe the line and fall back with the U.S.