Sunday, March 14, 2010

Murderous Intellectuals

One of the hottest bits in book form about the crazy evil 'actualizers' of NSDAP time Deutschland is an incredible work by Dr Chas W Sydnor, JR, nom d'guerr'd "Soldiers Of Destruction."

Focusing on only one combat division of Waffen SS - the dreaded SS Totenkoph (Skeleton Head or Death's Head in Teutonic) - Dr S makes the case that fanatic, reckless, ruthless and murderous creeps came from every plane of existence among das deutsch volk. That while they disagreed over style - they never had it out over the substance. And their goals and their effort to achieve - or - 'actualize' horrific horrors on any 'enemy' armed or unarmed were worth any cost to defeat, discredit and utterly destroy them.

For eons, "Soldiers of Destruction" was the only tome of it's kind. The research, prose and quality of the work Dr S did makes it essential in any serious cat's library.

Now comes "Murderous Intellectuals: German Elites and the Nazi SS" by Jonathan Maxwell.

Eye opening detail explores why so many well-educated professionals ­-- doctors, lawyers, professors, scientists, and such -- willingly joined the SS, and spearheaded the Holocaust.

It actually makes your blood run cold.

"Chillingly, Jonathan Maxwell had an all too easy time choosing individuals to highlight in this excellent book about the people who willingly committed the greatest atrocities in modern history.

"The doctors who tortured, the scientists who perverted reason, the educators who refused to learn, the lawyers who ignored the rights of the innocent, and the soldiers who committed atrocities.

"After the war, trials were held. Only a very few were ever punished. It was thought it would never happen again. The end result was that there have been parallels in Yugoslavia, Cambodia, and Rwanda.

"This book is highly recommended and should be required reading for anyone who believes himself to be capable of independent thought. The people described here believed themselves to be the epitome of independent, intellectual thought.

"See what they did and what they wrought.

Pic "The actualizer"


Peter said...

Meanwhile, ordinary smart Germans realized the war was lost by 1943 with the invasion of Italy and the Army Air Force overhead by day and the RAF by night with the US Army and Navy building up a huge force in England and the USSR on the move in "The East".

After June, 1944 the biggest ambition of the German Soldat was to surrender to the Americans, preferably with no more holes in him than God put there.

Hitler and all his intellectuals forgot basic arithmetic. There was simply no way that Hitler, with his Fortress Without a Roof could beat the combined military might of the USSR, Britain, America, plus Brazil providing bases closing the South Atlantic to her Navy, resulting in very little of that Argentine beef and cloth which were all needed to feed and clothe her Army.

Of course we see, today, our own intellectuals doing their damnedest to kill Americans. I wonder what it is about "intellectuals" that makes 'em so damned stupid.recusl

Grouchy Historian said...

It's always interesting to read about the Waffen SS. They were probably the toughest soldiers on either side of World War II, but a contradiction in terms..excellent soldiers, better killers.

You do have an interesting reading list for a chick.