Monday, March 1, 2010

Loving Little Satan

At a recent event populated by all the populars, an event occurred. A hot! consort (who was way too tall - and worse - very pretty) nearly drove her escort batty by acting all sexed up with anyone in weapons range.

When quized about the sitch later she intell'd "I just like to hear him holler."

Like 25 Mike Mike piercing the leading edge of ancient Commonwealth Soviet era panzers and then rattling all around inside, the ricochets of realists responding to the unamazing news that Great Satan continues to look at Little Satan as a rowdy but sweet little sister are off the hook!

Taking a pot shot at the corrupt Cult of Stability that questions (w/out really questioning hearts, minds or intent) Realpolitik fanboys' bizarro wish that Great Satan could act evenhandedly in her dealings with the ME's 'Forever Quest' for ME Peace or offer intermittent support from a distance.

Essentially - what do certain twisted realists NOT get about Great Satan's constant strong inclination towards Little Satan?

Weenie Hut Juniors even handed jazz is a trick quiz - Great Satan's dealings with foreign stuff should always be radically tilted to her designs, desires and delights.

And like the aforementioned hottie that enjoyed escorts in distress - it's thoroughly enjoyable to taste realists in extremis!

Despite all their 'splainer man memes - blah blah blah - both Uncle Paddy's Fan Boy in Chief along with RCW's resident realpolitiker totally fail in their dot connecting sexercises to maintain a debate they are consistently NOT winning.

Loving Little Satan may actually have little to do with lame stream media, Hillbilly Xians or some magical posse pulling all the strings.

The sexyful secular teases alone are worth the box set - consider:

Great Satan's birthright as a nation of immigrants that magically created the first modern 'democrazy' are sweetly mirrored imaged in Little Satan (Canada and Australia could say this too).


A tolerant, egalitarian society with a penchant for periodic, transparent elections, a free uncensored press, a nat'l treasury under public scrutiny, a military under civie control, an independent judiciary under elected gov oversight and the ability to enforce Writ of State.

Just like Great Satan!

"This is why they call Israel the Little Satan, to distinguish it clearly from the country that has always been and will always be the Great Satan - the United States of America."

Pic "an evil Satanic reality"