Saturday, March 27, 2010

Turning On The Charm

At a recent event, a favored hottie literally blew it (after imbibing way more draft than her tiny tiny body weight could safely contain), flopped out and spectacle'd herself in front of her friends, frenemies, potential suitors and the general public.

Truly an event memorable for the appearance it created.

Yet less than a week later - she had recovered her desirability status, won new friends, influenced people and put paid to funk obsessed fans complaining, dissing and dissertating her faux pas giganteus.

How did she manage that?


She turned on the charm.

Can such shiz be applied to the crunk and disorderly world of the diplopolititary?

Like the recent doofusness betwixt 44 and Little Satan?

Oui Oui M'sieur!

Little Satan currently enjoys off the hook love from Great Satan - despite 44's inexplicable lurch to 'getting mean with homies' and sucking up to autocrats, control freaks and generally nasty regimes in general.

This happy fact could be used about as subtle as a Merkava Panzer crushing a home grown Izzy deen al K'Ssam rocket squad in broad daylight on live al J'Zeera:

Recently called the "Most Dangerous Cat In DC," Little Satan's Ambassador to Great Satan - the one and only Dr Michael Oren (Oh! He got game! ) should be launching a PR Media blitz all over cable, new and lame stream media.

This is a significant advantage that Little Satan should be deploying to her designs and delights:

Unlike former leaders - ancient overtly robust cats with a super thick unfamiliar Russian accent - Little Satan 's new school cats often speak English way more better than many English teachers in Great Satan.

Shaping the narrative may be as fun as shaping the battlefield - instead of trying to explain how a rowdy assetted Zoning Commission works - PM BiBi and his 'Merican fluent posse could laughingly paint a far diff pic - demolishing the unfair, uncool and UN non binding narratives that Little Satan haters are using.

Essential counters that could and should used are:

"Essentially, the strategic and diplomatic case for the settlements is that only the threat of further land losses will bring the Palestinians to the bargaining table.

"In 1947 the Palestinians rejected a partition plan that included much more territory than they retained after the 1948 war.

"The 1967 boundaries that Palestinians now criticize Israelis for violating were considered illegitimate until the Six Day War made them obsolete.

"Without the threat of more settlements, it’s not clear what the incentives are for the Palestinians to accept a territorial compromise based on the 1967 frontiers.

"Why not continue the sixty-year policy of resistance and rejection, alternating between violent and non-violent methods, while hoping for changes in the regional or global balance of power?

"The only way to make the 1967 boundaries look attractive to the Palestinians is to threaten them with something significantly worse.

Feel free to hit them up here with this advantage that, for whatever reason, Little Satan is NOT taking advantage of:

Pic - "I'm a good girl and would never ever do that"


Peter said...

all of the news media in this country have turned against Israel. It doesn't matter how well the Izzies speak id they do not get the chance to talk.

Render said...

When we stop talking our guns will speak for us.