Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rough Riders Return!

108th Cav is one of Great Satan's Nat'l Treasures. First formed as the Georgia Hussars in 1785, the unit has undergone several name changes and has fought in Civil War, Indian Wars, The Spanish American War, both World Wars, Bosnia, Iraq and AfPAK.

And the piercing tip of the 108th spear is 1st Squadron

Currently nom d'guerr'd the "Rough Riders" after 26's Charge up San Juan Hill - the 1st is an all voltiguer Nat'l Guard unit of the Empire State of the South's rough and rowdy Hillbillylanders whose ancestors were creating water bongs out of the bones of dang Yankees a scant century ago.

And they just got back today.

Pre Surging Iraq - in the infamous 'Triangle Of Death" where they personally witnessed the evolution of IEDs from the size of a "Box of Ritz Crackers to the 155mm artillery shell to flying IED's."

The battle tested Rough Riders paid in precious lives for the recent Iraq elections during their Iraqi battle: SGT Michael J. Stokely, SPC Joshua P. Dingler, SGT Paul A. Saylor, SGT Thomas J. Strickland, SSG George R. Draughn, Jr., and SFC Robert Hollar, Jr.

Deployed to AfPAK, the Rough Riders held the line to help protect and train the Afghan Nat'l Army and Police in COINesque tactics, designs and even the birth of democracy in Afghanistan.

Again, the cost was more than we could stand: MAJ Kevin M. Jenrette; SFC John C. Beale, SGT Jeffrey W. Jordan and SGT Raymundo P. Morales.

There will be celebrations honoring and respecting our own dear dads, husbands, brothers, sons, cousins, nephews and sweethearts - the pride of our nation - throughout North Georgia.

On her knees, Georgia thanks God Almighty for raising up this laughing race of free men, for today - The Rough Riders return.

Pic "Come What Will" with Kristen Johnston

Dedicated to Major Kevin Jenrette of Lula, Ga. KIA near Kapisa, Afghanistan June 4, 2009.


Render said...

Freakin PETA twits...


Raedwulf said...

Very nice tribute GSGF. God Bless those that serve.