Thursday, March 25, 2010

Innocents Abroad

Oh Snap!

"Rasmussen Reports finds that just 35% of voters think America is safer now than it was before the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks."

Thank you Captain Obvious!

After all, front loading the Justice Department with terrorist fan boys - far more worried about combatants captured on the battlefield than protecting Americans - does have an impact.

While appearing humble on the world stage may be cool in a climate controlled classroom surrounded by smart people - it is dangerous beyond repair on the world stage.

The crucial diff betwixt 'cunning' and 'intellect' is simply the cunning will devour the intellectuals.

"Engaging Syria and describing Assad as a reasonable man would make sense if something epic had just happened that might convince him to run his calculations again, such as the overthrow or collapse of Ali Khamenei’s government in Iran. Otherwise, the administration is setting itself up for another failure in the Middle East that will damage its — no, our — credibility."

"One good thing will probably come of it, though. The naifs will learn. They’ll learn it the hard way, which seems to be the only way most of us learn anything over there. But they’ll learn.

Pic - "75% of Americans think preemptive war can be justified"


Peter said...

I wish I could believe that it is because this bunch in Washington, DC is simply naive. Instead I fear that they are on the other side.