Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Continuing Prominence

Sweet! And cuter than Barbie fighting her way through a barrel of My Little Ponies. It's the risible, overtly histrionic and occasionally historically correct hit piece on former VP Cheney, his darling dot Liz and the continuing prominence of those wild, wack daemoneocons.

Despite the best efforts by realists and sissylationists to discredit, disarm and dismiss neoconservatism - their attempts have been about as effective as the Hammurabi Panzer Grenadier Division's attempt to stop "Rock of The Marne's" blitz into the approaches to Baghdad.

Steven Clemons @ New America Foundation gets the money shot, pointing out "a continuing deficit on the part of their opponents to compete with them."

Yes! That is exactly correct. As the essential "End To Evil" points out - most Americans embrace a decidedly neoconistic worldview - even if they don't know it:

For whatever reason, Americans believe they know the truth - and will NOT admit alternate truths. Instead of granting equal stats or playing moral equivalence (like comparing Mahdi Army Torture Squads to a non profit political org) - Americans instead play "Which one of these things is NOT like the other"

That alone makes realists and realism (especially the Weenie Hut Jr's variant) off guard and on the defensive - unable to truly explain for instance, why the most status quo upset in Middle East history like a new clear Iran is an awesome, cool thing.

Sissylationism, as codified by Frenchy La Femme, blames Great Satan for the state of world affairs and pines away for a New Fortress America.

The attacks on Great Satan fans - who know in their heart that America ain't whats wrong with the world - have had little effect.

Great Satan built the modern world. And she knows her way around.

"Every threat to internat’l order after the Cold War involved a government that fell short of Western and economic standards. Every security problem that the American government felt called upon to address would be alleviated, if not solved altogether, if the regimes responsible for them could be remade to American specs."

Tolerant, egalitarian societies with a penchant for periodic, transparent elections, a free, uncensored press, a nat’l treasury under public scrutiny, a military under civie control, and an independent judiciary under elected Gov oversight.

Pic - "You know we got it. Be Otches"