Friday, January 8, 2010

The 40 Year War

"In eye-opening detail, The Forty Years War documents the neocons' four-decade campaign to seize the reins of American foreign policy: the undermining of Richard Nixon's outreach to the Communist bloc nations; the success at halting dÉtente during the Ford and Carter years; the uneasy but effectual alliance with Ronald Reagan; and the determined, and ultimately successful, campaign to overthrow Saddam Hussein—no matter the cost."

Whoa! If only the movie trailer voice guy would read that!

Danger Room Noah's papa's new book on those wild wacky "America AIN'T whats wrong with the World" daemoneoconic cats is out and the gossip looks pretty good -

"The neocon impact on recent history, as cited in "The Forty Years War", makes for compelling reading which may cause your view of certain recent events and key historical players to change significantly."


Changing views significantly may actually be a two edged sword:

"Imperial Designs: Neoconservatism and the New Pax Americana" went totally off mission - to convince people that silly, true believers in democracy neocons were
living in the Hobbesian Age where, (without Great Satan) life would be "brutal, ugly and short" instead of phat happy daze of isolationism and occasional bouts of realpolitik made the best case for America Unbound in any and all endeavors.

40 Years of War breaks new ground beyond the known intellectual heavy weights like Strauss und Kristol:

"And it reveals the role of the mysterious" cat that started the idea of America Unbound - Pentagon official and decorated American exGI Fritz Krämer, a monocled up Deutsch Expat fully crunk with

" in military power, distrust of diplomacy, moralistic faith in American goodness, and warnings against "provocative weakness"..."

Direct Hit! Fire For Effect!

Ala Frum and Pearle, in the amazingly undated "An End To Evil" sagely noting "the average American voter" would be magically drawn to Great Satan. And her hot! democrazy promotion, projection, humanitarian interventions or regime changes along with copious amounts of firepower in a "Shrink The Gap" fun, free functional world order that Great Satan pretty much built herself anyway.

"40 Years War: Rise and Fall" will most likely energize sexyful daemoneoconservatism - Lee Colondy and Tom Schactman are fantastical investigative reportages (and like James Mann's ever essential "Rise of the Vulcans") this piece could prove yet again - these cats took their day gigs deadly seriously and they knew they were right - that Great Satan - for all her flaws - is indeed unique - the only one of her kind - magically delicious and superior in any field of human endeavor.

After 911, alternative worldviews are still laughably weak:

Or, why these cats are hot! and these cats are not.

The Forty Year War: Rise and Fall Volume One?

Art - "Armor Girl #1" by Eiji Nakayama


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