Thursday, January 7, 2010

Malign Influence Deux

Just like vampires that never seem to remain dead (or is it un undead?) the non profit jaw flapping posse that preaches accommodation at all costs with Preacher Command follows papa's Ozzy era Black Sabbath CD "Never Say Die"

As previously previewed - the Leverettes malign influence - again rises from the crypt.

Their blunt joint bit in NYT does have 3 hot quizes for cats who are hoping Iran has the most awesome of all regime changes - from the inside out:

"Those who talk so confidently about an “opposition” in Iran as the vanguard for a new revolution should be made to answer three tough questions:

"First, what does this opposition want?

"Second, who leads it?

"Third, through what process will this opposition displace the government in Tehran?


While these questions are valid, does it really matter? If Supreme Leader is ran off or crowds stomp his living guts out on live Al Jazeera?

For Great Satan's nat'l interests - the real quiz is what all happens after a regime change. Bloodless would be sweet - with trials for the peoples previous tormentors - or an Xmas Day like semi legit execution of Romanian despot Nikki Ceausescu - to become cold bloodedly realpolitikish for a sec - just as good.

Dr Dan Drezner smokes out the Leverettes @ FoPo Online and they actually respond

Kevin Sullivan @RCW's Compass:

"One plan transforms Iranian society, the other brings it closer to the Iran of President Khatami. The difference is crucial, as the former is both ideal and unlikely, while the latter still allowed the regime to develop its nuclear weapons program."

Pic "Respond To Stimuli!"


Steve Harkonnen said...

You ALWAYS manage to warm my cold dark heart and this time it was the Sabbath reference.

You definitely rock, GSG.