Monday, January 4, 2010

Weenie Hut Juniors

For the un discom spongebob ulated, there is a hangout in Bikini Bottom called "Weenie Hut Jrs" - a place for "...nerds and little babies..." to hang out at and discuss events of the day.

Compare with Daily Kos insinuating that Foreign Policy Magazine and Online site is "neoconservative"

LOLZ! Despite the bang up job Josh n Blake have done for the last year, including the essential "Shadow Government Daily" featuring Daemoneoconic designs by Dr Feaver and FPI's Director Fly, not to mention divine avatar Wolfowitz's killer thesis that changing the nature of uncool regimes often includes regime changing them (to be fair - it's their choice) calling FP 'neocon' is, well, kinda dumb.

FP also hosts the daily Goofy Goober by the notorious Great AND Little Satan hating, Iranian democracy protester undermining Dr Stephen M Walt and some curious handwringing exercises.

1 Regime Change in Iran would be horrible

2 Roaming the world weeping for Palestine is the highest form of Statecraft

3 America is ruining the world

4 Little Satan is ruining the world

5 When it comes to terrorism - just lay back and enjoy

Far from being a '...realist in an ideological age..." Weenie Hut Jr's appears a bit more appropo


Render said...

Heh. The Kos Kiddie Klub never was all that collectively smart.

I wonder how Steven Walt feels about being labeled a Neo-Con by his friends on the Nutroot Left?


Avraham said...

I have read your blog for a few days and I enjoy it very much but I am curious. I mean it seemed to me that many people understood exactly what they were getting when they voted. I don't think very many people were thinking about the good of America at the time but rather the juicy government handouts they thought they could get from the government. Why complain now?
If people had wanted a responsible government they had the chance –and hopefully will have a chance again in a few years?