Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oh! Albion!

"Oh! Albion remains...Sleeping now to rise again...Yeah!"

Is Great Britain going batty? Great Satan's coolest Uncle ever, takes to the stand to handle certain elements worried about the wrong thing:

"When in doubt - knock 'em out"

Illegit regimes, with a track record of tormenting their own people, their neighbors, fiddle about with WMD and blow off Internat'l requests hammered out in good faith - then the 'calculus of risk' changes significantly - the burden is on those illicit regimes themselves to prove they are safe as milk in the new millennium.

This is absolutely correct (aside from being a wonderful reminder to such regimes of how the largest Arab army in history passed right out in 20 days when confronted with fully crunk democratic militaries created with a new, laughing race of Voltiguers).

Blaming Great Satan and Great Britain for not having 20/20 behind sight in the aftermath of 911 is, well, decorum prohibits tons of adjectives, let's just say highly questionable.

Uncle Tony wanted to make sure lottie dottie everybody got the memo - including (yet not limited to) NoKo, Libya, Syria and Iran and that pre emptive preventive war would sweetly fire off unconflicting signals - a really...

"Powerful, clear and unrelenting message that if you were a regime engaged in WMD - you had to stop"

Uncle Tony also offered up a copy of Dr Kenneth M. Pollack's fully crunk "Threatening Storm: The Case For Invading Iraq" (which the committee already had several copies)

Internat'l concensus fanboys were blindsided with they pants on the ground when ex PM Blair reminded everyone that when doing Iraq

" the issue was very, very simple. It was about the need to make very clear that you did not defy the international community on WMD."

Blame the League of Hot! Democrazies for the Iraq war? Tore up from the floor up over it's legality or illegality?

"History will judge whether deposing Saddam Hussein was a good or bad thing. But the Chilcot inquiry should focus on what happened in 2002 and 2003. The efforts in 2010 by those who supported the intervention to re-write history have Stalin as well as Saddam laughing in their graves."

Pic "We can't get them all, but when we can - we should" with Jade Ewen


Old Rebel said...

"When in doubt - knock 'em out"

It worked for Hannibal Lecter.

Bloody Blair is an even bigger psychopath.

Anonymous said...

Piss off Old Rebel. Bloody Blair did exactly the right thing. As the authoress mentioned it is not the Coalition's job to determine which 'regime' is safe and which is not.

Old Brit

Right Truth said...

Ditto Old Brit. Blare did EXACTLY the right thing as did George W. Bush.

Courtney's article ROCKS!

Right Truth

Old Rebel said...


And you're right - BLIAR waged war on a nation that had not threatened anyone. Hundreds of thousands have died, and millions are suffering as a result.

Got any relatives in the military? I do. I wish you had to speak to them face to face.

Peter said...

Sorry, OR, the best intelligence we had was WMD. We had both houses of Congress approve the invasion. We had the Democrat appointed director of the CIA saying WMD were a slam dunk. We had Saddam's history of using poison gas both in the Iran/Iraq War but also on the Kurds, citizens of his own nation.

Lots of people thought the invasion was a great idea, until there was political gain to be found changing their minds.

Anonymous said...

Saddam's repeated threats are well documented.

So are the links between the SCV, LoS, and the National Alliance.

Secession is treason. Texas vs. White 1869.

Old Rebel = Mike Tuggle = League of the South.

Old Rebel said...



The IAEA knew there were no WMD before the war. Scott Ritter, the ex-Marine who served as the U.N. Chief Weapons Inspector in Iraq, reported there was no evidence Iraq was a threat. The CIA also knew there were no WMD -- General Hussein Kamel, director of Saddam's nuke and chem-bio weapons programs had defected to Jordan, carrying with him thousands of WMD program documents.

Kamel was extensively debriefed by UN officials and the CIA.

Kamel revealed that Iraq – at his direction – had already destroyed all chemical and biological agents and weapons, including the missiles to deliver them.

Also, Russian, French, and German intelligence knew Iraq had no WMD, which is why they declined Bush's invitation to join him in the invasion. But Bush was determined to be a war criminal, I mean, war president, so he lied. As the director of British intelligence stated, "Bush wanted to remove Saddam Hussein, through military action, justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Old Rebel said...


Normally, I have no patience for pissants who make anonymous accusations.

But for the record, there are no ties between the League of the South and the National Alliance. You've had your brain fried by Heidi Beirich.

And King George III knew the American colonists had no right to secede from his empire, either.

Anonymous said...

Kirk D. Lyons is the connection.

Scott Ritter, the most recent triple Winner of the Kevin Alfred Strom pedophile award and master of the 180 degree flip flop for cash? What is it with you grey shirt people and your brown shirt pedophiles and black shirt sexual freaks anyway?

What’s in your closet Tuggle?

Old Rebel said...


Hmmm -- so a fundraising letter for a California outfit from a person who isn't even a League member proves the League of the South has a link to the National Alliance.

And the arrest of a weapons inspector proves that everyone who opposes aggression is a pervert.

Right. No wonder you want to remain anonymous.

Absurdia said...

Jesus I wish you guys would get over the Iraq war and stop bleating about it so much. It almost seems like our generation longs for the tumultuous days of the Vietnam era so that we can recreate some weird sort of righteous indignation that our generation seems to not have.

Get over it guys. We did a good thing in Iraq. Sure, there were civilian casualties....welcome to war. But for Pete's sake, we got rid of a guy who was freakin' chemically bombing his own people. What the matter with that?!

In fact I'm willing to bet there's a healthy chunk of people in Iraq who are glad we did what we did. Either way, I'd love to know why our generation seems so pathetic. WWII lost millions of people and it seems like we do FAR more bitching than that generation. Same goes.....frankly....with every other gereration that precedes us.

I attribute our generational softness to laziness and too much government coddling of our people.

Old Rebel said...


5,000 Kurds died when Saddam, then a US puppet, used crop-dusting helicopters supplied by the US military to release the poison gas.

In 1975, Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger ok'd Suharto's attack on East Timorese using US-supplied weapons to kill 200,000 Indonesian civilians.

Mass murderers are just fine as long as they're on our side.

courtneyme109 said...

Not any more Old Rebel. That reference to old school realpolitik is another reason why the neocons - as prescribed by Dr Wolfowitz and Dr Murvachik are so irresistable.

And you can thank PM Blair and 43 for that. Blair has always been a strong interventionist and has often remarked about getting rid "...of the entire lot..." of unfree regimes.

Old Rebel said...

Right. So when do we invade Red China? Or Saudi Arabia? Or Turkmenistan? Those are three of the worst dictatorships in the world -- but they're DC allies.

When will people stop believing such obvious Neocon lies?

courtneyme109 said...

YAWN. Like Uncle Tony said Old Rebel - "Yes, let's get rid of them all. I don't because I can't, but when you can - you should."

A. Bowen said...

For Blair, 9/11 changed the “calculus of risk” with regards to Iraq. Containment was no longer a prudent policy in the age of “unrepresentative extremism” with state actors possessing WMD and a demonstrated willingness to use non-state actors as warfare proxies. What checks our enemies is not their will, but the deadly means at their disposal. They haven’t done it because they don’t have it yet.

And according to Blair, if you think it’s right, you do it right. When it came to defense, the U.K. would not be free riders but contribute substantially. On Friday, Blair took credit for and proudly defended his decision to invade Iraq, to topple Saddam’s sadistic regime. Pol Pot died in his bed of old age with the blood of millions on his hands. Saddam died at the end of hangman’s noose, not by our hands but by those of a liberated Iraqi people and a new government dealing with its own totalitarian garbage in a liberal, constitutional way.

Had Saddam opened himself up to inspection, he might be alive today and the Iraqi people would be less free. Yes, the intelligence we had going into Iraq was faulty. But Saddam lied and we called his bluff, in the process liberating a nation. The lesson that despots must learn from Chilcot: if you aren’t sitting on a pile of WMDs, let the inspectors in.

Raedwulf said...

Wow you are all going into some old history. Perhaps we can blame England for fire bombing Dresden or perhaps Old Rebel should leave the US in protest over Sherman's march through Georgia?

Stop arguing about the past and concentrate on economic, social, political and yes military solutions to end the conflicts that threaten us all. Is it possible to agree that there are a multitude of threats to mankind that need to be prioritized over bitching about the past.