Tuesday, January 19, 2010

R.O.E. Redux?

Is it time to wipe clean and draw again Rules of Engagement?

Heck yeah - especially since al Qaeda recently threatened Great Satan's Navy.

Non state (they are working on it - give them time! ) Hiz'B'Allah fired off non traditional weaponry for T groups at Little Satan 's Navy during the retarded Rocket War of '06.

"INS Hanit was patrolling in Lebanese waters ten nautical miles (30kilometers!!) off the coast of Beirut. It was damaged on July 14, 2006 on the waterline, under the aft superstructure by a Chinese-designed C-802 fired by Hiz'B'Allah. Reportedly, setting the flight deck on fire and crippling the propulsion systems inside the hull. However, INS Hanit stayed afloat, got herself out of the line of fire, and made the rest of the journey back to Ashdod for repairs on her own. Four crew members were killed during the attack."

Serious shiz.

It's high time dude, to like, reconsider Rules of Engagement:

"This is not a law enforcement issue. It requires all the elements of our national intelligence agencies working with those of our allies to defeat the threats.

"Our Rules of Engagement (ROEs) should also be reviewed. "Don't shoot until shot at" is the terrorist formula for success. We must assume that al Qaeda has information on our current ROEs and how we react to high-speed craft - for example, Iranian Revolutionary Guard naval boats aggressively maneuvering in the direction of our ships with their guns unmasked. The Iranians paid no attention to warnings issued by our ships.

"These aggressive actions cannot be accepted. The decision on whether actions by an approaching craft or boat are threatening must be left with the on-the-scene commander. He must not be bound by a rigid set of rules that he must go through before he can open fire. It must be his call and he must be confident that he will have the backing of his superiors in the chain of command.

"For our domestic ports and facilities, the U.S. Coast Guard is charged with the responsibility for the security of our ports. With their limited resources, they do an excellent job; however, they are stretched thin and additional resources to counter a serious terrorist threat are required.

"In the near term, consideration should be given to augmenting existing U.S. Coast Guard resources with civilian professional security assistance personnel (former SEAL and Special Forces personnel) and additional armed patrol craft. We must remain proactive if we are to be successful in defeating the al Qaeda threat.

Pic - "Every unnecessary expenditure of time, every unnecessary detour, is a waste of power, and therefore contrary to the principles of strategy."


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Your blog is an amazing source of news that I would never see on normal news channels you are to be thanked and congratulated. Keep up the good work

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Courtney--one poster commenting on a similar topic said that the missile hit on the Israeli corvette was a lucky shot. I don't know, it remains to be seen, however, I wouldn't completely discount the potential impact of these cheap anti-ship missiles, particularly after Millennium Challenge 2002 (the wargame--Google it)