Friday, January 29, 2010

American Exemptionalism

44's underwhelming wartime SOA conjures scary visions of American sovereignity slipping off the pole like a xanx'd down, liquored up stripper:

"Undisguised indifference to repeated diminutions of that sovereignty is entirely consistent with the views of his European admirers, who, at their level, would like to see their nation-states dissolve into the European Union."

"In the end, however, the United States is exceptional and will not melt into any larger or global union; it will simply become less able to protect itself and its constitutional decision-making system. That is clearly where our first post-American president’s policies will take us."

Great Satan built the modern world. Putting paid to Europa's penchant for open combat and creating the after the show ho system of global governance and not hopping off the world stage:

American Exemptionalism!

"A key challenge was to overcome the isolationist legacy of the 1930s and to ensure sustained U.S. engagement in achieving and maintaining a stable international order.

"Old world power-political reasoning in support of that mission held little allure for the American people – protected by two oceans, with friendly and weaker neighbors to the North and South, and pulled unwillingly into two costly world wars by that system’s breakdown.

Great Satan's hot plot for winning the peace is a broader vision that tapped into America’s own sense of self as a nation:

"The promise of an international order based on rules and institutions promoting human betterment through free trade and American-led collective security, human rights and decolonization, as well as active international involvement by the private and voluntary sectors.

The rub of course is to avoid restraints that are too confining, especially from suspect and corrupt players. Thankfully, American Exceptionalism is at hand.

"A perceived need to safeguard the special features and protections of the U.S. constitution from external interference. And it also taps into a core element of American identity: ours is a civic nationalism, defined by the institutions and practices that bind us, not by blood and soil, and none is more foundational than the constitution itself."

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Winston said...

vote Republican. Keep dems away from power

Avraham said...

To Winston. While I admit the republicans are better but I feel they also have been watered down over the years