Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wings Over Iraq

Way back in the last millennium, Great Satan's intelligentsia plotted the ancient PNAC raison d'etre - that Great Satan should dominate in every field of human endeavor - everything from cruise missiles to electric pencil sharpeners.

Often called 'Vulcans', they knew a future worth creating would create a new, future cadre of 'Vulcans' to carry on in their stead to maintain Great Satan's 30 year in the future military in the Long Small Wars.

Enter Wings Over Iraq. As one of the ever growing circle of something known as 'Mil Blogs' - weblogs by military cats, "Wings Over Iraq" created by 'Starbuck' is totally off the hook - "A Black Hawk pilot recently returned from Iraq who takes time to post articles on counterinsurgency, defense policy, Fourth-Generation Warfare, strategy, the latest Internet memes, and Megan Fox pics."

Aside from being capricorn and a COIN cat, Starbuck adds a dash of much needed Clausewitz to the mix. He's also kinda hot.

WOI consistently fronts unconventional and irregular tactical designs into analysis and also broke Brit military sites into the mainstream like the essential "Kings Of War"

Starbuck does not blunt the edge, never snarky and adds a sexyful military dimension to events along with a healthy dose of 'Star Wars' memes that proves with "Generation Kill", Great Satan will continue to follow the Vulcan's lead.

Aside from adding "Wings Over Iraq' to your blogroll, check out WOI on twitter and Facebook too.

Pic - "She's fast enough for you, old man"