Monday, January 4, 2010

Persia's Valkyrie

Whoa! News that the Gay Free Republic of Preacher Command lead by the amazingly worldy Supreme Leader and praetorian Revolutionary Guard, is prepping for a military sexercise soon to "improve the force's defensive capabilities" and "boost the region's security."

The overtly robust (reckon he's overtly worldly too?) Commander of Iran's Ground Forces Brig. Gen. Ahmad-Reza Pourdastan will be large and in charge of this awesome event.

Iran's Artesh, the regular army - purged and abused long ago by the Khomeinist regime will be led by the hand by the regime's fanboys through a variety of scenerios.

This is significant:

Like the fully crunk dVd "Valkyrie" shows - regimes usually have a contingency plan in case things tottle out of control and the regime is facing collapse

Iran may be totally concerned that certain arrogant powers and their sidekicks (foreign and domestic) may say "the heck with the nukes - kill the regime!"

"The turmoil in Iran since its contested elections has created two policy dilemmas for Washington. Suddenly there's more at stake than the future of Tehran's nuclear-weapons program. Since last summer, Iran's political future has hung in the balance, too. In the simple-minded realist calculus so in vogue these days, the United States, when it sets its foreign policy, must choose between head and heart, interests and ideals, and in both cases favor the former… The nature of a country's regime is thought irrelevant. The only thing that matters are "interests," ours and theirs, and making them converge."

"This is thought to be the essence of realism. But history suggests it doesn't fit reality. The nature of a country's regime does matter: not only as a moral issue for the United States but also as a strategic one. That's because ideology is often decisive in shaping the foreign policies of other nations. Ideology determines their ambitions. It is through an ideological lens that countries determine who their friends and foes are. Even a government's perception of its interests is shaped by the nature of the regime."

And this is a regime that is fixing to deploy China made crowd crushing monster trucks to grind their own people to dust.

Unverified gossip claims that the regime will also be running an Alamo type drill - holding off 'enemies' long enough for the regimes top cats to jet out of Dodge.


Peter said...

We can choose which corner of the roof to drop a 2,000 pund bomb. We can decide which bedroom window to slip a Hellfire missile, or, for that matter a cruise missile. We have riflemen that cann put a 750 grain .50 caliber slug from some three quarters of a mile away and the Sneaky Pete troops who can sneak in and put a sound suppressed .45 hollowpoint through either eye at seven yards. We have had all of these capabilities for decades and yet we still allow these yahoos to be using up air we might need to use someday.

I'm not smart enough to understand why that crowd didn't get to take the long dirt nap after taking our embassy hostage. And after the Beirut bombings. And a dozen more times over the years.

I have read that there is a fear that other Muslims would cause trouble if we had killed that crowd. I doubt it, especially after our diplodinks quietly muttered "wanna be next?" to them.

You know what would be nice? A United States Government where all of the nooks and crannies of our foreign policy and intel agencies actually worked for the United States interests.

Unknown said...

Persia has no functional military.

The actual "army" is kept in the poor house with crap gear, bad leadership, poverty level pay, ect and so on, because the regime does not trust them at all.

The "elite" forces of the Revolutionary Guards are trained in nothing more than general issue street thugism, civil oppression, and low level terrorism.

When it comes to the Persian Army, there's no there there.

Even the "threat" of Persian missiles along their coast and their "fleets" of small attack craft are laughable and snark worthy.

Our naval ships are armed, after all, with weaponry designed, tested and proven to defend against just such stuff. And we can put lots of ships in that AO if need be.

We've also that that thing called a MASSIVE tactical/strategic air arm. Cleaning the coast, to 10 miles inland, of hostility producing mechanisms/buildings/boats/etc wouldn't be so much a chore as folk like to imagine.

In agreement with what Peter said above, I'd like to say...

There are very few folk still alive who've seen the US war machine doing its war thing with all it's might. Too many folk make the silly stupid assumption that the panzy arsed way we're going about this war is the hardest we can fight as a nation.

It's gonna suck big time to be the enemy once our patience wears out.