Sunday, January 10, 2010


At a recent event populated by all the populars, a certain hoochie dominated nearly all activities - drawing players close, only to discourage them and then re encourage them with lovely girling.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? Oh, that's easy, paw paw - that gal was a teaze!

Now here's irony for you. Tons of alledgedly super brainiacs advocate running away from any activities like putting boots on the ground in Yemen.

As best understood, the Yemeni failed state is chock full of well armed, doped up, nigh invisible, 50% illiterate tribesmen that are invulnerable to traditional combat ops (rumors are they feed only on heavy metal projectiles at high velocities). No can stand before them!

A proxy war of sorts betwixt Wahabbi Arabia and gay free Persia - ye olde sunni shi shenannigans and 'unaligned tribal militias' that will chaw qat with ye one sec and fire an AKM at you when you leave their precious turf the next.

Got it. Yemen - bad - stay away!

OTOH, Yemen may actually be a lab for future long small wars:

Indeed - where else could a hyper hegemon deploy counter terrorism drone strikes and COIN ops at the same incredible instant? Or hook up with long sunny beaches within weapons range of pirate hangouts?

Or fully crunk with righteous targets?

The Yemeni gov - as it exists in a curious un Westphallic way - cannot enforce writ of state, R2P or much of anything aside from collecting foreign aid, often weaponized.

Since several AQ T plots emminated from Yemen and she hosts a most wanted traitor, the tease to do something is phat. Aside from repatriating Gitmo Alumni (that may or may not contain double agents for Great Satan)

Start by heavy raids on terrorist camps - killing or even better - toting off for leisured, thorough (enhanced?) interrogation lottie dottie everybody within their confines including the washroom lady.

Yemen is a tease - an unbridled invite for Great Satan to hop right in and have her way with whatever she encounters:

"The Houthi, a Shia tribe about 5,000 strong, are starting another civil war that may well be more damaging. Iran is promoting it, arming and subsidizing the Houthis in the expectation of extending the Shia reach. It's a move in the Cold War Iran is waging with Saudi Arabia.

"On behalf of the Sunnis, Saudi Arabia is bombing and shelling the Houthis. The terrain facilitates defence rather than attack; fighting is not between professional or well-trained soldiers, so casualties remain low for the time being, but about 150,000 people have already become refugees.

"Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, as this franchise calls itself, is a Saudi off-shoot, and its links to the Saudi royal regime are invisible. It may be that the Saudis want AQAP to do their dirty work in the confrontation with Iran. Those engaged in this three-way contest between Iran, Saudi Arabia, and AQAP can't be left alone to come up with whatever bloody or bribed outcomes they can.

"With or without Saudi backing, a rooted AQAP presence in Yemen is a serious new danger, to be met with skilled intelligence work, Predator strikes, and special services capable of operating in this wild and closed country.

"It's a tall order.

Pic "Got my reasons why I tease 'em"