Saturday, January 2, 2010

Shadows Kill

Rumour's Mill is cranking out Taliban's Attack on Great Satan's CIA Drone lair may actually have been ISI using human drones.

This is significant and may indicate several deadly indicators:

The drone attacks of counter terrorism strategery - highly effective - and decisive. Taking out local command may be tactical - to conceal or protect imminent ops, retreats or deployment or longer term to gain breathing space for ISI's Afghanistan assets this winter since drone warfare offers no respite.

How the intell was gleaned to even conduct the strike is certainly a concern


AmPowerBlog said...

American Power tracked-back with, 'Blogging PNSfW; or, Now Hiring at American Power: Neocon Copy Editor!'.

Peter said...

This attack, while certainly tragic for the men and women involved, and their families is not entirely a bad thing.

The Intelligence Community has long had the motto: We bet your life. Every eleven Bravo or 0331 and every Zoomie that flew in my war knew this motto, and knew it well.

There is no count of the number of times a bunch of our guys were sent to clean out a ragtag platoon of poorly armed VC only to find a reinforced company of NVA. Nor can we count the times our Zoomies were sent against poorly defended yargets only to find a forest of those flying phone poles they had, plus a bazillion AA guns.

We just had a case of a small outpost in a valley where the bad guys got to roam the high ground, no doubt singing Tiptoe through the tulips, while pouring fire on our infantry. Then after taking too many dead and wounded we left, leaving the Taleban with a victory. Now it does not matter that the Taleban probably had to hire both Achmed and Mohammad's trucking companies to haul off their dead, they now hold the ground. This is a victory for them and a great recruiting tool. Thus a horrendous failure of Intel and Command.

I hate to say such a bloody thing but we need as many of these on both the Intel bunch and the command bunch until they all realize that this ain't an effing game and they aren't just there to punch a ticket toward higher command. Our Snuffies deserve Intel and Command worth their blood, I fear they do not have that yet.