Wednesday, January 13, 2010

"Their Hour Of Need"

44 just promised to intervene in Haiti - "The Department of State, USAID and the United States Southern Command have begun working to coordinate an assessment and any such assistance."


Peter said...

The awful thing about this quake is that I've looked a a lot of pictures. Courtney, there is no rebar sticking out of any of that rubble. They've built all their stuff with no steel rebar holding the concrete.

Here we don't even buld a concrete driveway for one car without rebar to give the concrete a little extra toughness. It's enough to make you cry, how avoidable all those deaths are.

Steve Harkonnen said...

So Pat Robertson comes on and goes "they made a pact with the devil."

If anyone ever comes up with size 9 buttplug and double that size to match his mouth, please provide.

Findalis said...

The Romans built using concrete without rebar. Their structures are still with us, even after 2,000 years. It isn't rebar Peter, but good engineering that matters.

@ Steve: The Sex Shop in town has size 9 buttplugs and wonderful gags too. Don't ask me how I know.

As for Obama sending aid, if the decision on what to send takes as long as his decision on Afghanistan, the people of Haiti might receive some aid from the US in 2-3 years.