Monday, January 11, 2010

Unintended Consequences

In the domain of the diplopolititary there is a concept described as unintended consequences. Generally applied to Great Satan as in this particularly interesting bit proffered up @ Weeny Hut Jr's

"...any serious effort to deal with our terrorism problem has to be multi-faceted, and has to include explicit consideration of the things we do that may encourage violent, anti-American movements.

"Only a complete head-in-the-sand approach to the issue would deny the connection between various aspects of U.S. foreign and military policy (military interventions, targeted assassinations, unconditional support for Israel, cozy relations with Arab dictatorships, etc.) and the fact that groups like al Qaeda keep finding people like al-Balawi to recruit to their cause.

"By itself, that mere fact does not mean that U.S. foreign policy is wrong. One could make a case that our policy is mostly right, and that these problems are just the price we have to pay for them. But instead of having a serious debate on this question, we mostly ignore the possibility that our own actions might be making the problem worse, or we accuse anyone who does raise it of trying to "blame America first."

While Dr Walt is somewhat masterful in distortion - the old trick quiz about Great Satan being way more 'evenhanded' in her dealings with the eternal ME Peace Process comes to mind. Truth is, Great Satan should be radically tilted towards Her interests - over and above anyone else.

It may be best to consider all that has been unleashed in the last decade as unintended consequences for Great Satan's enemies.

Pic "OMG! Sorry 'bout that. Won't happen again!"