Sunday, January 24, 2010

Benign Intervention

It's true! Great Satan's plan to take over Haiti has been a killer success so far - and a blue print for knocking out Iran, according to Venezuelan wanna be President for life Hugo Chavez.

France's Cooperation Minister pointed out Great Satan's benign intervention was not so much rescue as a take over. Both French President Darling Nikki and Foreign Minister dissed that kinda talk - pointing out the Cooperation Minister may not be so cooperative after all.

Wahabbi Arabia's state controlled media dissed Great Satan in Haiti - laughingly lecturing America about 'shameful delay'. Gee, thanks for taking time out from bombing Yemen to notice. Expletive deleted.

Truth is, Great Satan is doing her best -

"to alleviate suffering in Haiti and to begin the process of reconstruction, along with assistance from other countries and non-government organizations. America is donating hundreds of millions of dollars to the relief effort, money that may make its way to the people who need it, or may be siphoned off by Haiti's durable culture of corruption or by opportunists who emerge to profit from human suffering.

"America brings resources to the effort that other countries simply cannot match, particularly airlift, sealift and communications capabilities. Many of our troops sent to Haiti had been enjoying time back with their families after being deployed to combat zones overseas, and many are facing another deployment within the year.

"The United States deserves credit for this humanitarian effort, not blame for imagined invasions and secret earthquake weapons. The Obama administration could make a useful point by cutting foreign aid going to the countries that are criticizing America's efforts and sending it to Haiti instead. Let's see how well some of the ingrates can get by without getting their cut of "Gringo imperialism."

Art - "Benign Intervention"


Avraham said...

The actual article did not just dismiss U.S.A. aid. It blamed the U.S. of A. for preventing aid from arriving. Now that is chutzpa.