Thursday, February 18, 2010

44's Faux Pas

Is 44 planning to chuck Iraq?

Such a foreign policy faux pas seems unthinkable (even for the most depraved realists, "faux Harvard Scholars" or sundry, demented fanboys).

To blow off hard won victories and defining Iraq's end game as Saigon light:

"The U.S. has steadfastly refused to discuss a long-term military partnership with Iraq beyond 2011, despite the fact that the Iraqi military will not be able to defend Iraq on its own by then.

"It has refused fully to increase civilian efforts in order to accomplish tasks that had been performed by military forces now withdrawing. It has reduced funding for the Commander's Emergency Response Program, which allows the military to provide "urgent humanitarian relief and reconstruction" projects, as well as for other forms of humanitarian and security assistance.

"Despite the vice president's many trips, the administration has consistently defined success as complete disengagement. Many Iraqi leaders interpreted the SFA as an indication that their country would develop a special relationship with the U.S.

"Instead, the Obama administration has given them every reason to believe that they will be—at best—just another country in the Middle East."

Cats foreign and domestic look to a future Iraq and possible sectarian schiz

"The militias are fully armed, and al-Qaeda in Iraq is trying to move back from the west. These are the conditions now, and we're sitting back looking at PowerPoint slides and whitewashing."

Great Satan's premier regime killer (oh - it's true! He has been large and in charge and on scene for Milosevic, Uday, Quasay and poppa S'Ddam) laid it out for 44's posse to play it out:

"We have a relationship with the Government of Iraq that gives us an important opportunity to develop a democratic Iraq that enjoys a long term partnership with the United States.

"It's critical that we take advantage of this opportunity because it's hard to know if we will ever have this kind of chance again.



"The situation in Iraq is dynamic and evolving, and the U.S. cannot take any outcome for granted.

"Active American engagement will continue to be vital to achieving a just, accountable, representative government in Iraq, especially as Iranian senior leaders actively attempt to undermine the democratic, secular and cross-sectarian political process that has emerged in Iraq since 2008.

Pic - "Why should Great Satan ever leave?"