Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Preparing For The Worst

One of Great Satan's fully crunk brainiac babes puts steel on target with a hot! piece that strips reality over reason:

Most likely, 44 will NOT initiate combatty stuff against Mullahopolis and their magical, mahdi friendly nuke sites:

"We don't know exactly where they all are, because we don't know whether such a raid could stop the Iranian nuclear program for more than a few months, and because Iran's threatened response—against Israelis and U.S. troops, via Iran's allies in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, and Lebanon—isn't one we want to cope with at this precise moment.

"Nor do we want the higher oil prices that would instantly follow. No U.S. president doing a sober calculation would want to start a new war of choice while U.S. troops are still actively engaged on two other fronts, and no U.S. president could expect public support for more than a nanosecond.

True! So what?

"That doesn't mean that no one else will.

"At the moment, when Washington is consumed by health care and the implications of the Massachusetts Senate special election, it may seem as if Obama's most important legacy, positive or negative, will be domestic. In the future, we may not consider any of this at all important.

"The defining moment of his presidency may well come at 2 a.m. some day, when he picks up the phone and is told that the Israeli prime minister is on the line:

"Israel has just carried out a raid on Iranian nuclear sites. What then?

"If that ever happened, the 2 a.m. phone call would be followed by retaliation, some of which would be directed at us, our troops in Iraq, our ships at sea.

In such a likely scenerio, 44's admin should be "...ready, militarily and psychologically, not for a war of choice but for an unwanted war of necessity. This is real life, after all."

Pic "Prepping!" with Jenny McCarthy


Unknown said...


As if.

So, our mentalist betters would rather wait for all those "forces" loyal to Iran to engage us and our forces at the time of their own choosing rather than on a time of our own.

That is called getting caught with pants down and hands on ankles in mil speek.