Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little Satan's Master Plan!

Despite all the jazz about blitzing every square inch of turf betwixt the Nile and the Euphrates and sweetly incorp'ing into Greater Little Satan - fact remains Little Satan has won tons of real estate fair and square in a real war. Well, more wars than that.

While certain elements, for whatever reason, desire that Little Satan should abandon righteous booty hard won in desperate counterattacks and despite a 1/4 million hours of non profit jawflapping - Little Satan's Master Plan has been stripped bare!

"When American diplomats talk about the road to peace, few Israelis dare articulate one awkward truth. The truth is that Israelis have managed their conflict with the Arabs and the Palestinians for half a century not by working to unite them all, but either by deliberately and effectively dividing them, or by playing off existing divisions.

"By approaching matters in this way, Israelis have achieved de facto peace during various periods of their country’s history—and even two examples of de jure peace. It is because of divisions among Palestinians that Israelis survived and thrived strategically in 1947–48, and because of divisions among the Arab states that Israel won its 1948–49 war for independence.

"Divisions among the Arabs and divided competition for influence over the Palestinians allowed Israelis to build a strong state between 1949 and 1967 without having to contend with a serious threat of pan-Arab attack. It was because of divisions and the strength of Egypt amid those divisions that Anwar Sadat decided to make a separate peace in 1979. It was because of another set of divisions that King Hussein was able to do the same in 1994.

"The results of Israeli statecraft did not produce an American-style comprehensive peace, and it did not produce peace with the Palestinians. It may not even have produced a lasting peace with Egypt and Jordan—time will tell.

"But it did produce peace in its most basic and tangible form: an absence of violence and the establishment of relative security. This is what peace means for the vast majority of Israelis, most of whom do not believe that their Arab neighbors will ever accept, let alone respect as legitimate, a Jewish state in geographical Palestine.

"And the way Israelis have achieved this peace is, in essence, through a policy of divide and survive.

Pic - "Divy and conquer"


Rik said...

I regret that even those who have to defend themselves against the Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank, provide those Arabs a small victory when referring to them as so called Palestinians. I know this has become common because the rest of the world does so, but I hate that Israelis do also.