Friday, February 19, 2010

With 1 Wing Tied Behind Her Back

As Great Satan's rowdy assetted Teufel Hunden fight in and around Marja in Operation Moshtarak, in smashing fashion, expert intell shares there is a "...refashioning of the obvious — that war is harmful to civilian populations..."

Especially so since Taliban just got busted using intelligent, innocent human shielding

In AFPAK, Great Satan "has begun basing doctrine on the premise that dead civilians are harmful to the conduct of war.

"Trouble is, no past war has ever supplied compelling proof of that claim."

Weaponry stashed in Great Satan's 30 year in the future military goodie bag includes her air power - the ability to grant nigh instant firepower magically and expertly guided onto the heads of her enemies.

Should that trump card be discarded? For the hearts and minds thingy?

"Taliban have found a way to beat American airpower. And they have managed this remarkable feat with American help.

"American and NATO military leaders — worried by Taliban propaganda claiming that air strikes have killed an inordinate number of civilians, and persuaded by “hearts and minds” enthusiasts that the key to winning the war is the Afghan population’s goodwill — have largely relinquished the strategic advantage of American air dominance."

Concern about civie casualities might make one wing tied behind Great Satan's back worthy - if innocent Afghani lives were being saved.

The counter is, that refraining from air strikes is actually increasing innocent deaths

"According to the latest report by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, the number of civilian deaths caused by Western and Afghan government forces decreased to 596 in 2009, from 828 the year before.

"But the overall number of civilian deaths in the country increased by 14 percent, to 2,412, and the number killed by Taliban troops and other insurgents rose by 41 percent. For Afghan civilians who are dying in greater numbers every year, the fact that fewer deaths are caused by pro-government forces is cold comfort.

"There is also little to indicate that the “hearts and minds” campaign has resulted in the population’s cooperation, especially in the all-important area of human intelligence. Afghans can be expected to cooperate with American forces only if they feel safe to do so — when we take permanent control of an area.

"Obviously, this involves defeating the enemy.

As VdH revealed in a seance with v. Clausewitz

"Victory is most easily obtained by ending the enemy’s ability to resist — and by offering him an alternative future that might appear better than the past.

"We may not like to think all of that entails killing those who wish to kill us, but it does, always has, and tragically always will — until the nature of man himself changes.

"In today’s polite and politically correct society we seem to have forgotten that nasty but eternal truth"

Direct Hit! Fire for effect!

Natch - this doesn't mean Great Satan and her Western Way of War NATO posse in AFPAK should diss or " oblivious to civilian deaths, or wage “total” war in Afghanistan.

"Clearly, however, the pendulum has swung too far in favor of avoiding the death of innocents at all cost. General McChrystal’s directive was well intentioned, but the lofty ideal at its heart is a lie, and an immoral one at that, because it pretends that war can be fair or humane.

"Wars are always ugly, and always monstrous, and best avoided.

"Once begun, however, the goal of even a “long war” should be victory in as short a time as possible, using every advantage you have.

Pic "With 1 wing tied behind her back" featuring Estella Warren


Stephen Kruiser said...

Ms. M:

I've been a fan of this blog since, like, EVER! Just got off the phone after pimping it to a bunch of people.

red clay said...

when it works, american diplomacy can be summed up with " a gun in one hand, and a sandwich in the other. choose."