Monday, February 22, 2010


As best understood, Land of the Pure is a magical place where dang near anything can happen!

In those wild wack unAdministered Tribal Areas, Taliban uploads horrific religiously sanctioned vids of girls getting beat while 69 miles away at an airbase - girls are learning to fly PAK Air Force jets.

Pakistan's ex General President long ago gave an unbelieveable sales pitch for Land of the Pure:

"Four serious accusations were hurled at Pakistan:

"a.All the terrorist activity in Afghanistan had its base in Pakistan

"b.All the freedom struggle in Indian Held Kashmir was Cross Border Terrorism from Pakistan

"c.All nuclear proliferation in the world had its source in Pakistan

"d.Pakistan is an intolerant militant extremist society

All the cool kids know the AfPAK thing - killing, disrupting and defeating al Qaeda and delivering righteous beat downs on the battlefield that will eventually marginalize Taliban.

Is there an indirect approach to this?



"Never mind Af-Pak: The world urgently needs to fix Kash-Pak. We must do everything we can to make these peace talks work, for everything, including the Afghan conflict and the lives of hundreds of millions of people, depends on Pakistan's generals being proved wrong."

While Pakistan freaks and worries about nearly every nation on earth trying to score natural treasures and "bang our daughters"

"India's plots, India's intransigence, India's dangerous meddling in Afghan affairs, India's unwillingness to reason, India's problem with Islamic extremism within its own borders, and even, heaven help us, India's secret responsibility for fomenting Islamism within Pakistan.

"The Indian threat is a constant and popular trope in Pakistani politics. It is used by every elected leader to gain victory, and by every military dictator to justify seizing power.

"It's a national obsession but one that kills. Pakistan officially spends 5 per cent of its national income on military-related expenses, compared with 0.7 per cent on health, according to Unicef."

"For India, resolution is worth a loss of face.

"For Pakistan, it never will be.

Pic "KashPAK!" with Aishwarya Rai


Annie said...


Fuck the shit that you're gonna read on the internet and see on the news about Pakistan. Like seriously.

come down here. I take you around sight seeing, be the proper tourist guide. show you the glam and the sham.

I would really wanna read what you'll have to write after that ..

Render said...


Is that an open invitation? Cuz GSGF is very obviously not a "dude." Like yourself GSGF is a very attractive young Dudette.

I know it isn't really an open invite for me because last time I checked Zionist Jews still aren't welcome in Pakistan, even though you'll take our money for your earthquake aid (2005).

Karachi’s last synagogue, was demolished in the 1980s to make way for a shopping plaza.

Like seriously.

Come to America. We'll show you the glam of real freedom, no sham. Who knows you might even find a nice young Jewish man to go sight seeing with.

I would really wanna read what your brother would say about you after that...


René O'Deay said...

After reading Annie's blog post, I wonder what version of the quran she has read.
What a mess of taqiyya from those in power in Pak.
As far as Kashmir, that land of beauty has been destroyed by the Pak muslims, just as the SWAT has been destroyed by the Pad-supported Taliban.
Is it all about emeralds and sapphires? phooey.
What would the true Kashmiris vote for without any pressure from either side? including those forced out by the muslims.

Annie said...

There is a huge gaps in what you see about Pakistan in the news and the real face of Pakistan. Thats a generalization which applies to pretty much all countries but its especially true for Pakistan, keeping in view what you normally see on the news. Be it PTV, CNN or Aljazirah. Same goes for the internet.

It has to do a lot with the fact that either its the Government which is in the news or either its the Taliban. All I am saying is that there is more.

So Render, the invitation is definitly extended to you too..

It is no secret that the masses of Pakistan hold anti-semitic views. The reasons are too huge to be encapsulated in one comment but I am definitly going to write something about it.

Personally I have nothing against Judaism, just like I have nothing against Hindus or Moslems. I was born in a moslem family however I am an agnostic theist. Going sightseeing in America, with a nice Jewish boy would have been fun and I doubt my brothers would have anything to say about that...*chuckle*...However my Fiance might not be too comfortable with the idea.

I find the 'your' and 'our' thing rather interesting. I believe every place of worship should be respected. If you went through my blog post you would clearly see that.

Rene O Deay, There are no 'versions' of Quran, there is only one, FYI ... and let me tell you something about 'Pak Muslims' they are too busy making their ends meet and dealing with electricity, wheat and sugar shortages to bother with Kashmir, fortunatly or unfortunatly. Try to read up on the history of Indo-Pak and you will understand the issue. Generalizations, like the one you made are not doing anyone any favors.

René O'Deay said...

Annie, that is your view.

I have had many correspondences with people from Pakistan, some even in the SWAT, while they were being invaded by your Talibans. Going to tell me that they are not muslims?

You say you are agnostic, but that is not what you say in your blog.

So, do you read Arabic?

René O'Deay said...

Oh, and I have read up on the history of the whole area, Annie.
History is one of my passions.

Render said...

Maybe, maybe not. Perhaps there are huge gaps between your relatively secular Rawalpindi and the Talib’s Miram Shah in North Waziristan? I know beyond any shadow of a doubt that there is a huge gap between what you say and what the denizens of the PakDefense forum have to say.

Thanks Annie, but I already know the Pakistani government is lying to the rest of the world. I know this because I’ve personally caught and exposed them doing so, several times. I have Pakistani neighbors here in the US, they tell me they came here to escape the “bearded ones.” (which can be a bit bemusing to my bearded self) I know there is slightly more to Pakistan then the Talib and “the government.” However at this moment in history those two factors dominate all other factors so much that it’s quite impossible to see past either of them. Death sentence fatwas have a way of forcing the intended victim to focus narrowly on the subject at hand.

I appreciate that invitation Annie, really I do. And I believe you personally are sincere in your invitation. But I already got the Danny Pearl message from some of your fellow Pakistani’s. See it doesn’t matter much what the Pakistani government, the Talib/al-Q Alliance, or any of the worlds mass media have to say about the matter, none of it can put Danny’s head back on his body.

I wish you the best of luck with writing such a blog piece. Quite a few people have received death sentence fatwas from your countrymen for just that very thing. I also highly admire your public honesty on that matter. It’s rather refreshing but it also makes me worry for your safety. And I should point out that it’s not just the Pakistani masses, its endemic throughout the entire Islamic world.

That agnostic theism might be fine in the Capitol Territory region (and perfect for America) but how does it work out for you in the FATA provinces? How do you think it would work out for me in the FATA?

Unfortunately for me I only qualify on the “Jewish” part. I’m too old to be a boy and I’ve been hated too much by too many people for too long to be nice anymore without good reason. I read your post Annie, the entire thing, several times just to be sure of what I was reading. I also read all of the comments and skimmed most of the rest of your blog. I know you’re engaged and planning a traditional wedding. I’ve seen your picture and I’ve read your words. I know that your fiancé is an extremely lucky young man (and your mother is as nutty as mine was about the pretty much the same things).

I do agree the “you” and “our” part of my previous comment was over the top. I didn’t directly donate anything to the 2005 Pakistani earthquake aid, which came somewhat unwillingly out of my taxes. You probably didn’t need or directly receive any of that earthquake aid from America either; much of it was stolen by corrupt middlemen long before it got to the people who really needed it. Karachi’s last synagogue might just as well have been demolished, as the last of Pakistan’s Jews had already been driven away. That ethnic cleansing is the point Annie…and I’m being as nice as I can possibly be.


Annie said...


I did state that on my blog

'Taliban'...My Taliban...hahha...Dear Sir, If history is your passion then you would agree that Taliban was an American supported organizations during its early years. I would go as far as saying that they would not have been what they are now had it not been for America. Remember the 80's?.. The demise of cold war.

So yeah. coming back it would be more correct if we say that its your Taliban messing with MY country, and it's people's everyday lives. You comment on it. We live with this. Taliban bombing our countrymen, our army, our schools, our civilians, our mosques, our marketplaces. Ask any bearded guy on the road,if you don't believe it. Religious fanatics make up a small portion of our countrymen. Like I said before, due to the poverty that an average person has to live with, they don't giving a damn about politics and what's happening out there.

and I will also like to highlight that Afghanistan and Pakistan are two different countries. Taliban is an Afghan orgnaization originally. No doubt there are supporters in Pakistan, but the majority stands with the Army.

My understanding of Arabic only extends to the words used in the Quran and some basic grammar. Why though?..

Render, I would agree that Rawalpindi happens to be much different than any where in the FATA. They haven't moved past the BC centuries. I beleive a lot of our problems are partly cause of FATA. this state within the state concept is eating away at our roots. Wonder when someone will take a step towards modernizing that area.

With Zardari as the Prseident, its hard to support your own country's government even if they were right. Democracy still has a long way to go here. The judiciary has never been this bad ever before. There is water, electricity, wheat,sugar, CNG shortage. People think twice before going to the markets. There are no concerts. There are red zones, and check posts litter every main road. The inflation is at its all time high. There is unemployement and the crime rates gone up...and we keep losing in cricket. The people who die in the terror attacks are all Moslems, and Pakistanies. In this war of terror, WE are the victims.

and then you go online and all you see is, every single person out there in the world, calling us terrorists. You see how that's frustrating?.. You quote D Pearl, I can quote more than 10,000 people. ALl of them sons, fathers, mothers, sisters. I am asking for some perspective here. Nothing more, nothing less. America is a great country, I am sure. Home is home. However there are some very legit reasons for the anti-american sentiment in this part of the world.

I am proud to be a Pakistani. I always will be. Afghanistan historically has had issues with Pakistan. BEfore partition it closed off its borders for the moslem refugees. It was one of the last countries in the world to recognize Pakistan. Our country on the contrary is paying for the fuck ups that they made. We have provided home for millions of Afghan refugees. You are worrying about some tax dollars which were used for the earthquake victims .. We see America bombing innocent civilians in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, in the after math of 9/11 .. You can not call us extremists.

I do not endorse any form of racisms or bigotry. Ethnic cleansing of Jews, be it on whatever scale is despicable but how do you justify what your government is doing?...

I hate the you did this and then I did this. Injustice gives birth to seriously fucked up cycles. I really wish someone would put a stop to it. Just a pinch of world peace :)

René O'Deay said...

As usual you and your countrymen fail to admit responsibility. you bought the whole enchilada.
Taliban is not funded nor has it ever been by the US.
It is amazing how much taqiyya comes out of the muslim world, and how offended they are when we don't buy it. course it's easy for you to buy it, cuz it fits into your whole agenda.
"Never our fault, we didn't do it. Great Satan did."
BTW, I am not a 'Sir'.

and if you have free access to the internet, you might try googling for info on the history of the area, instead of relying on what they teach you in your country's schools. You might be surprised.

Annie said...


'taqiyyah' is a shiite concept. Pakistan's majority is Sunni. Stop using that to justify everything. You sound like that kindergardner who learnt his first five letter word and can't stop using it.

and 'agenda'... lol... yes, Agenda ... There is a big one ... *evil laugh*... we are gonna get you ... you wait and watch...*Evil laugh*...

I rest my case. Indeed, you got me...and my agenda... *chuckle*

René O'Deay said...

I did get you, Annie. glad you admit it.
And the world doesn't follow your orders, especially not me, child.

It comes directly from your quran, if you bother to read it.

I don't think there is a sunni version and a different shia version. You said so yourself.

If you are a real agnostic theist, why are you defending it?

Render said...


The Soviets left Afghanistan in 1989.

The Taliban didn’t arrive on the scene until 1994.

That’s a gap of half a decade.

When the Soviets left Afghanistan so did all US support for certain elements of the Afghan mujahideen. Other elements of the anti-Soviet mujahideen (Osama bin Ladens group, the Haqqannis, etc.) refused any form of Western aid.

Elements within the Pakistani ISI helped create, support, and fund the Taliban in their war with the Northern Alliance (who were also former anti-Soviet mujahideen) and the various warlords (many of whom had also been mujahideen).

Osama bin Laden didn’t return to Afghanistan until 1996.

In 1998 Osama bin Laden declared war on all Americans and Jews, from Afghan soil. After 9/11 2001 the Taliban, claiming the Code of Pashtunwalli refused to hand over OBL and the rest of the al-Q leadership, instead preferring to ally with al-Q. (I can’t find anything in the published versions of the Code of Pashtunwalli about harboring a mass murdering terrorist and his henchmen) Had the Taliban turned over OBL and crew the Americans would likely not have returned to Afghanistan.

I don’t know if that (turning in OBL) would have improved things in the FATA or not, (I have my doubts), but I think it’s safe to say that things in the entire region would certainly be very different right now if they had. If nothing else Swat would still be a quality ski resort.

Right now you live inside a semi-protected enclave inside a war zone, inside a world war. A war created by the Pakistani government in its pointless attempts to establish strategic depth versus India. Pakistan claims one of the largest standing armies in the world, yet cannot seem to find enough troops and equipment to clean up the FATA. The Pakistani Army (and ISI) has started every major war they’ve been in since 1948, and lost every one of those wars. The Pakistani government claims sovereignty over the lawless FATA, yet cannot enforce the Writ of Law over that region.

I know that when I go online I see an almost endless stream of Jew hate, much of it coming from Islamic sources.

I don’t have much advice to offer you personally on the subject and I will not blame or hold you personally responsible for any of it. All I can do is pray for your safety and hope the Taliban don’t get to you before they are defeated.

Annie, all I have to offer is to wish you good luck and best wishes for a long and happy marriage in a nation finally at peace with itself and its neighbors. I’ll leave you with this final thought…

If they stop killing Jews for being Jews, there will be peace. If Jews stop defending themselves there will be another Holocaust.