Saturday, February 6, 2010

Ironic Tonic

Taking a much needed (and appreciated - trust us!) respite from roaming the world weeping for Palestine - the premier Great and Little Satan hating doofus grande' from "Weenie Hut Juniors" spent some time onboard Great Satan's premier sea borne, globe stomping 'Give 'em Hell"

USS Hary S Truman actually scored some praise from "that faux Harvard scholar" and he never mentioned once about decommissioning her as a floating hostel for Palestinians to show Great Satan is 'even handed' in her dealings with rocket rich rejectionists.

While it's never cool to mock the afflicted, the ironic tonic concocted unwittingly by Dr Walt in his forever quest to re establish realpolitik's ammoral corrupt cult of stability is that he was hanging with one of several symbols of Hard Power.

Great Satan's hard power to be exact - since only She

"...currently operates eleven aircraft carriers. The oldest and least capable is faster, one third larger, and carries three times the aircraft of Admiral Kuznetsov, the largest carrier in the Russian Navy. Unlike China’s only aircraft carrier, the former Russian Varyag, American carriers have engines and are capable of self-propulsion.

"The only carrier in Indian service is fifty years old and a quarter the size of its American counterparts. No navy besides the United States' has more than one aircraft carrier capable of flying modern fixed wing aircraft.

"The United States enjoys similar dominance in surface combat vessels and submarines, operating twenty-two cruisers, fifty destroyers, fifty-five nuclear attack submarines, and ten amphibious assault ships (vessels roughly equivalent to most foreign aircraft carriers).

"In every category the U.S. Navy combines presumptive numerical superiority with a significant ship-to-ship advantage over any foreign navy.

"This situation is unlikely to change anytime soon. The French Navy and the Royal Navy will each expand to two aircraft carriers over the next decade. The most ambitious plans ascribed to the People’s Liberation Army Navy call for no more than three aircraft carriers by 2020, and even that strains credulity, given China’s inexperience with carrier operations and the construction of large military vessels.

"While a crash construction program might conceivably give the Chinese the ability to achieve local dominance (at great cost and for a short time), the United States Navy will continue to dominate the world’s oceans and littorals for at least the next fifty years.

Sweet! And the perfect chaser for Weenie Hut Juniors!

Pic - "Women Redefined" by Jessica Corona