Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quadrennial Defense Review!

It's time! Great Satan's Quadrennial Defense Review is out and the gossip is hot!

In order for Great Satan to maintain the world order She herself created long ago:

"America’s interests are inextricably linked to the integrity and resilience of the international system. Chief among these interests are security, prosperity, broad respect for universal values, and an international order that promotes cooperative action."

"America’s interests and role in the world require armed forces with unmatched capabilities and a willingness on the part of the nation to employ them in defense of our interests and the common good."


"The United States remains the only nation able to project and sustain large-scale operations over extended distances. This unique position generates an obligation to be responsible stewards of the power and influence that history, determination, and circumstance have provided."

For all the academic exercises about 'Soft Power' or 'Smart Power" (many conducted by ppl who've never had to stand up to bullies at a ball game, or faced down creeps at the mall - all their 'problems' probably handled in friendly give and takes, committee meetings or ultimately pink slips), is worthless without the muscle - the Hard Power - to make it happen captain!

Quad Def has several hot sticky bits - totally delish - including:

Prevailing in Today's War

Prevent and deter conflict

Prepare to defeat adversaries and succeed in a wide range of contingencies

Succeed in counterinsurgency, stability, and counterterrorism operations:

"The United States must retain the capability to conduct large-scale counterinsurgency, stability, and counterterrorism operations in a wide range of environments.

"In order to ensure that America’s Armed Forces are prepared for this complex mission, it is vital that the lessons from today’s conflicts be further institutionalized in military doctrine, training, capability development, and operational planning.

QDR initiatives include:
 Increase the availability of rotary-wing assets;

 Expand manned and unmanned aircraft systems (UASs) for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR);

 Increase key enabling assets for special operations forces (SOF);

 Increase counterinsurgency, stability operations, and counterterrorism competency and capacity in general purpose forces;

 Increase regional expertise for Afghanistan and Pakistan; and

 Strengthen key supporting capabilities for strategic communication.

Great Satan's Quad Def Review is fully crunk!

Pic "And Crown Thy Good With Brotherhood"


Peter said...

I trust the military. If I could only trust the CINC.

Raedwulf said...

We have an aging navy that and a ship building program that is not keeping up. I am not sure about the army and marines yet It seems we are fighting two wars with many soldiers on their fifth or sixth tour of duty. The air force is being marginalized by unmanned aircraft. It is all very good when dropping bombs on insurgents but what to do if we have to fight a first rate power with an air force? God Bless our men and women that serve. I agree with Peter, I do not trust the CINC.