Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Revo Guards Rule!

It's true!

Great Satan's Madame Sec o' State finally said out loud what all the cool kids knew eons ago: Preacher Command has been eclipsed by their own magical Praetorian Guard - the Revolutionary Guard!

Created way back in the last millennium just in time for the horrible Iran Iraq War, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps has came a long way from the semi older brother guys that ducktaped little boys together in herds armed with a plastic key to the gates of Paradise and escorted them to clear minefields, charge fixed kill zones and machine gun positions.

The Revo Guards of the New Millennium are actually a combined force - commanding the Beseejis' upon mobilization, along with troops and Air Forces are way over 100,000 strong and 'very lightly manned' in peacetime. ISSI's Military Balance 2007 estimates IRG may have 20 infantry divisions (nearly 7k guys each - including reserve formations), some independent brigades, and one airborne brigade.

IRGC Naval Forces are 20K strong with several modern frigate thingys and can deploy the Persian version of Marines including 5,000 in one brigade of three or four Marine Battalions and are equipped with some coastal defence weapons (some HY-2/CSS-C-3 Seersucker SSM batteries and some artillery batteries) and 50 Ayatollah Kamikaze Flotillas (including 10 China created 'Hou Dang' superfast attacker craft).

IRGC Air Force controls Iran's strategic missile force and has a guesstimated brigade of Shahab-1/2 with 12-18 launchers, and a Shahab-3 unit. The Shahab-3 unit may be toting "1 battalion with estimated 6 single launchers each with estimated 4 Shahab-3 strategic IRBM.'

Revo Guards Super Secret Elite Commando al Qods - a special op posse that does the foreign terrorism stuff - like Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan (and maybe Pakistan too). The world can thank these jerks for a plethora of reactionary rejectionist movements - many rocket hot like Hiz'B'Allah or an upgunned HAMAS - others - like Mahdi Army in Iraq were essentially sweetly annihilated courtesy of Great Satan.

Since eclipsing the Mullahs in the Majiles election in 08 and the faux election last June - this is significant.

1st off, the last time Praetorian Guards eclipsed traditional unfree state stuff was way back in Nazi Time Deutschland - when Waffen SS upgirthed from like 40K cats to nearly a million - controlling every aspect of civilian life.

2nd - Replacement Revo Guard Commanders all seem to have at least one common thread - a new generation of ex-military leaders comes to power and a new generation makes it to the top of Revo Guard leadership, all directly owing their positions and power to the Supreme Leader.

Pic - "Revo Guards Rule!"


Winston said...

IRGC is basically there to keep an eye on the society, check the regular armed forces and function abroad as terror group. Once this regime is gone, the IRGC will no longer pose any threat. Regime change Iran now...