Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Persia's Drones

Whoa! It's been a hurricane of hi tech hotness heating on up out of Iran! Preacher Command has unveiled several bad goodies recently:

A mini Kamikaze plane! Oh, it's true - her job descript, that 'Faez' "...enjoys an amphibious landing capability and is capable of carrying reconnaissance tools and equipments, medical cargoes and mail parcels, and designers said that these capabilities and its other potentials have made it an appropriate choice for patrolling and surveillance missions..."

The parachute is a cool add on.

Two new advanced bomber drones! ''Ra'd' (Thunder) and 'Nazir' (Harbinger) are capable of conducting long-range reconnaissance, patrolling, assault and bombing missions with high precision."

Junior Sky Marshall Hamed Saeedi, Managing Director of Farnas Aerospace Company details the deets:

"Drones will be of the tactical type, with a short range of 400 to 500 meters flying altitude which cannot be detected by radio waves as they will be stealth aircraft."

The Gay Free Republic of Preacher Command has at the same incredible instant, hand built her own stealth drone! 'Sofreh Mahi' is alledgedly invisible to any radar devised by man or babe.

Iran also announced she's building the Persian version of Commonwealth's dreaded S - 300 Air Defense System - conjuring visions of BiBi's Super Secret Magical Mystery Tour six months ago and interest in the new trip to Mockba Little Satan's PM will doing

Iran is getting fully crunk - or is she?

The drone shout outs - all about models - like 1/7th scale - unless China has cut a drones for oil deal -(don't laugh!) - swarms of Iranian drones annihilating bases or fleets is most likely in the distance.

Essentially, Iran is acting tough to counter the very real and prototype free military booty Great Satan is xporting into the hood which explains Iran's shout out to look out on the Revolution's 31st BDay.

Pic ' Fakebelieve' by Kasra Safravina


Allen said...

faez is a Cricket...


most of the drones are just modified Firebee drones..copied by just about everyone, including the chinese.