Friday, February 26, 2010

Cool Duel

Way back in the last millennium, when cats had to resolve a diss over deets, they sometimes devised and deployed an often fatal debate ender nom d' guerr'd as 'duel.'

Weapons of choice, x number of paces, blindfolds etc, etc.

Fast forward.

To like now.

Featuring one of Great Satan's cadre of premier combat rock stars diametrically opfor to one of Great Satan's Nat'l Intell premier spy guys.

Cool Duel!

Kinda like Jütland - two armored behemoths approached and blazed away, crossing t's.

And just like Jütland, there was certainly a "something seems wrong with our bloody ships today" moment!

Dr Priller believes Surging AfPAK " the wrong war against the wrong enemy, that al-Qaeda has a minimal presence in Afghanistan, that victory in Afghanistan would have little effect on terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan and elsewhere, and that the military is the wrong tool to use against our enemies."

Taliban taking over wouldnt be so bad - lay back and enjoy it!

"If the Taliban was to return to power, it would see little or no advantage in again harboring a significant presence of bin Laden’s al-Qaeda. Its previous host-playing led directly after 9/11 to the biggest setback the Taliban ever suffered. Bin Laden and his partner Ayman al-Zawahiri also would see little to be gained in restoring the previous arrangement."

"They have successfully hidden in Pakistan for nearly a decade; a return to Afghanistan would only expose them, or their underlings, to uninhibited U.S. firepower, even if U.S. troops were not on the ground."

Land of the Pure slipping away is also totally jank:

"Simple spatial thinking about instability spreading across borders, rather like the Cold War imagery of red paint oozing over the globe. A Taliban victory in Afghanistan would not bring any significant new resources to bear on conflict in Pakistan, which has a population five times as large and an economy ten times as big as its South Asian neighbor.

"Nor would it offer Pakistani militants a safe haven any more attractive or useful than the one they already have in Pakistan’s own Federally Administered Tribal Areas."

K. So what? Colonel Nagl puts steel on target:

"There is no safe haven that al-Qaeda covets more than the border regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan, which present a unique opportunity for our enemies and a threat to us. Situated in rugged terrain hundreds of miles from any coastline, with weak or nonexistent governance and security services, this region provides both a home to al-Qaeda and possible access to nuclear weapons.

Great Satan should get loud that unassing Afghanistan - to split the AO where she was "...brutally attacked and in which more attacks are now being planned..." is never, ever going down, so long as there is the slightest chance, possibility or opportunity of a repeat.