Saturday, February 20, 2010


Whoa! The Gay Free Republic of Preacher's Paradise has unveiled her very first home grown navy ship - the first missile destroyer of the Mowdge Class displacing 1400 tons (despite math challenged al Jazeera's "14,000 tonnes").

"Jamaran'' - is the name of the magical well where famous mythical mohammedist, the 12th Imam, Mahdi, is hiding away in occultation near Preacher Boot Camp in Qom.

By happy chance, "Jamaran" is also the nom d'guerre of " area in northern Tehran where the late founder of the Islamic republic, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, resided."

What ev.

Jamaran is actually quite tiny compared to any destroyers built in the last 100 years:

In 1915 Imperial Deutschland sortee'd the G101 class displacing 1,843 tons, 98m (321 feet for the metrically challanged) long and toted 4 85mm guns and six 508mm / 20in torpedo tubes.

Great Satan's WWII DE type from World War II debut'd at 1720 tons, 93 meters long and lovingly killed or maimed any enemies in weapons range with 3 76mm guns, 6 40mm guns, 4 20mm guns, 3 21in torpedo tubes and carried depth charges for the naughty U Boats or Nipponese subs.

In the new millennium, destroyers usually do a displacement of like 3,500 to 9,000 tons.

Great Britain's Daring Class (type 45) does 8,092 tons full load and in the best tradition of Drake and Fisher, rules the waves with Stingray Torpedoes - 4.5" Mk 8 Medium Calibre Gun system; Surface Ship Torpedo Defence system, a fully crunk air defense system along with 60 Royal Marines for fun and games.

Great Satan's Arleigh Burke class tips in at 9,200 tons full load, with a full range of goodies including the Aegeis system along with 32 officers and 348 enlisted sailors.

Since "Jamaran" is significantly tinier than what the wicked woman worshipping West (or China, India, Japan or Pakistan) refer to as 'destroyers' - Jamaran is actually maybe more like a frigate thingy or a guided missile frigate.

From the pics and vids (shout out to Winston!) looks like Jamaran will carry enough stuff to warrant her instant destruction if the balloon ever goes up in Persian Gulf:

1 Fajr-27 76 mm / 3 inch dual purpose naval gun (most likely the Persian version of Italy's 76mm OTO Melara), a Fath 40mm copy of the awesome 40mm Bofors anti aircraft gun, 2 different batteries - 20mm (maybe 25mm?) guns, one each starboard and port.

Missile wise, Jamaran blings 4 of the old reliable China made C-802 (or maybe even the new improved C-803) anti ship missiles stashed in front and back of her funnel.

Jamaran is also tricked out with modern radars and electronic warfare capabilities along with a crew of 120 and plans are laid out to build an entire posse of these critters.

Pic "The main enemies of the Islamic world, which are the U.S. and Israel"


Winston said...

Me thinks the keele is of the ISS Sabalan Check it out which was heavily damaged in 1988 duel with the US Navy. They have been working to repair it for 12 yrs. And this is it with some new gadgets and junks.

Winston said...

Me thinks the keele is of the 'INS Sabalan' which was heavily damaged in 1988 duel with the US Navy. They have been working to repair it for 12 yrs. And this is it with some new gadgets and junks.

Winston said...

And by the way it is 1400 tons not 14,000.

Render said...

At 1,400 tons and with C-80?'s, it's an FFG no matter what its origins.

Sabalan (F73) is a Vosper Mark V class FFG (1,540 tons). Although it was hit hard in Operation Praying Mantis, I'm pretty sure it was somewhat repaired and back at sea with its original Vickers 4.5 (114mm) turret back in 2007.

Sister ship F74 Sahand was pummeled with at least one of everything in the USN inventory at the time. Burned to the waterline and sunk. I don't think it was repairable, but I could be wrong.

My guess is this is a practice-destroyer built to civilian safety standards. The Iranian shipyards have built much bigger ships (7,000 tons and up) recently.

They could just as well have named it "target."