Saturday, February 27, 2010

World Affairs

Way back in the last millennium, periodic periodicals, also known as magazines were all the rage. Now they tend to be found only in Dr's offices, attics, basements and garages.

And one of the hottest to make the leap from M Zine to E Zine is the essential World Affairs Journal.

WAJ is fully crunk and offers killer insight for cats that enjoy thinking:

"Established in 1837, World Affairs is a bimonthly international affairs journal that argues the big ideas behind U.S. foreign policy. Always striving to encourage open and informed debate, we are committed to offering our readers a healthy range of perspective and opinion to help clarify the challenges and choices that America faces in our increasingly complex and dangerous world."

Super savvy James Denton of WAJ shares the details:

"Building on this tradition, we launched in January 2010. Updated throughout the day, this site highlights news, opinion, and research from media, governments, and think tanks around the world."

"The site’s unique news offerings allow the reader, on any given day and with any given headline story, to see how the same news is reported differently in hundreds of other international news outlets."

Hard news - soft news - super buzz commentary - Gov Speak, Global News and Think Tank Hanks and Janks - World Affairs certainly brings the bling in a totally delish even handed hand:

Wanna queer the mix on Mullahopolis beyond repair? Check out Daemoneoconic Avatar Dr Josh Murvachik's hot! Neocon Corner.

Enjoy LOLing about inappropriate handwringing and watching cats getting all het up about the wrong thing? World Affairs grants space to realists too.

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Pic "World Affairs" by A. Rianne


Jeff Wills said...

Hmmmm. I always wanted to travel the globe...