Sunday, February 7, 2010

"I'm Still Standing"

In the early days of knocking out the largest Arab army in history, "Rock of The Marne" was surging by An Nasiriyah when elements of 507th Maintenance Company alledgedly took a wrong turn right into a bushwacking kill zone.

After a brief, intense firefight that ended with eleven soldiers killed in the ambush and five other soldiers captured (and later rescued).

As America collectively held her breath and determined to carry on with one of the most audacious regime changes in history, those 5 hung on and held out as POWS.

Shoshana Johnson has unleashed her memoirs - including that incredible moment and the subsequent events in "I'm Still Standing"

Wounded in both legs - worried sick about her two BFF's Lori Piestewa and Jessica Lynch it was dark times indeed.

"Divulging personal emotions and frustrations while raising fresh political issues, I'm Still Standing is the never-before-told and much anticipated story of the headline-making ambush, capture, and rescue described with the exceptional bravery and candorof a single mom and soldier who became an American hero."

Shoshana Johnson was awarded the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and the Prisoner of War Medal for her service in Iraq and has received numerous awards and recognition for her courage, valor, and service to the United States.

Pic "I'm Still Standing"