Wednesday, September 29, 2010

"Backing Diplomacy With Force"

Military action as diplomacy?


AFP's daemoneoconic 2.0 unleashes some semi redux'd straight talk about a literally killer aspect of Great Satan's 'Forever Wars' that could actually probably make a crucial diff.

Waging open asymmetrical warfare against Preacher Command's proxies.   

Despite repeated assurances that Great Satan considers that "all options remain on the table" in dealing with the Iranian regime, "...Tehran has been permitted to wage not one but two irregular wars against America for more than half a decade and to do so with virtual impunity.

It's true! All the cool kids knew eons ago that Iran was queering the mix in New Iraq (Bad bad Basra, nicht war?) and Great Satan's bona fide'd cat to Iraq recently confided "...up to a quarter of the American casualties..." were courtesy of Iran and the Mahdi Army mix Hiz'B'Allah

Casus Beli Beotche!

"...A similar state of affairs exists in Afghanistan. This summer's disclosure of military documents by Internet clearinghouse WikiLeaks included important proof that Iran is waging what amounts to a "covert campaign" against the U.S.-led coalition there as well. The Iranian government, the documents charge, is supplying funds, weapons and training to Taliban insurgents and offering them safe haven from coalition operations. 

Not to mention blinging up a cash death mark on American GIs, NATO conscripts and voltiguers - you know - the real humanitarians.

"... These activities have helped sustain and strengthen the anti-coalition insurgency raging anew on the war on terror's first front.

Since intell is allegedly dicey about all of gay free Persia's new clear enrichment exstenz
  - "...delay of Iran's nuclear program, rather than its destruction, will by necessity be the default objective of military planners. 

"...The overall objective is clear. Only when Iran’s war on the United States in those places begins to take a real toll will its leaders come to believe that Washington and its allies stand ready to act on other provocations as well. And that, in turn, may prompt Tehran to take the current sanctions regime far more seriously than it does at the moment.

And that hap hap happy day will only arrive once Great Satan gets all crazy and unpredictable!

America needs to convince Preacher Command that a military option, while not desirable, swings both ways - viable and sweetly inescapable if Tehran does not change course.

Great Satan, without restraint, modesty or delay is fixing to re-estab her strategic swaggerlicious credibility with the Iranian regime. 

"...Most directly, this means imposing, and then executing, new rules of engagement vis-a-vis Iranian irregular forces and proxies active in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Simultaneously, additional emphasis is needed on augmenting security along Iraq and Afghanistan’s still-porous borders with Iran, thereby complicating continued infiltration and subversion by the Islamic Republic. 

"...A range of other irregular warfare initiatives can be harnessed as needed to help dismantle, disrupt and deter Iranian activities in both theaters.

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"Force can be an awesome motivator - even if you can't make them do something - you can make them wish they had" with Tabret


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