Monday, September 27, 2010

Bahrain Blitz

Ha ha Coup d'état!

At least a near miss!

Essentially - if Little Satan does act out with an enrichment interruptus maneuver ala the IAF, Mullahopolis has a regime changin' opportunity of her own.

Iran has had the hots for Bahrain every since the al-Khalifa clan
ran off the Persians and cut a deal with Great Britain in 1783! Recapturing lost turf would certainly refill the prescript on nat'lism 101's grievance about lost territories.

Got it going on right here.

"...Bahrain's attempted coup reports should be taken seriously, as Iran knows that its best chance of fighting the US and/or Israel is by proxy. Hitting Bahrain hard would greatly upset the overall security situation in the Middle East and Gulf region.

"...Tehran realizes two very important facts in case of attack against its nuclear facilities. First is that if attacked by Israel and/or the United States it will be incapable of striking back directly seeing the US' domination of the skies and Israel's quasi-impregnable air defense system (with US contribution).

"...And second, Iran also knows that it must retaliate at all costs or lose all credibility. The solution? Fight them (the US and/or Israel) by proxy. And hit them hard. And make it hurt.

"...How do they go about this? Hiz'B'Allah, the Lebanese Shiite paramilitary movement, is in a perfect position to hit Israeli towns and cities from the north and could target large centers of population as far south as Hadera and possible further.

"...Hiz'B'Allah's arsenal includes long-range field artillery and Iranian-supplied medium-range rockets. From the south, Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement, can target Israeli locations, including the suburbs of Tel Aviv. Hamas' artillery is more crude and their Qasam rockets are home made and inaccurate, though they can still cause damage and casualties.

"...In the Gulf, Iran supports, arms, and trains Kuwait's very own Hiz'B'Allah, who in turn is believed to have been supplying training and weapons to the Bahraini Shiites, such as the 23 men who were recently arrested in Bahrain.

Pic - "Proxy or minion?"


smitty1e said...

Please tell me that this is a trick of photo editing.
Food! Food! Eat, for heaven's sake!

J.R.Shirley said...

That pic isn't hot, it's painful. I don't want to have sex with her or someone who looks like her, I want to give them a cheeseburger shake. Because she probably doesn't have the strength to chew.