Saturday, September 25, 2010

Regime Change Myanmar

Oh! It's true bay bee!

The raison d'etre ala Regime Changes is prett much "When in doubt - knock 'em out!"

If and when Great Satan is magically free "...from the mayhem of Iraq and Afghanistan, we may be shocked to find that our attention has been needed elsewhere.

"...A number of so-called “brush-fire” wars may have serious long-term consequences, and North Korea’s and Iran’s uncompromising and unrelenting efforts to obtain nuclear weapons are coming to a crisis..."

One partic nation/state candidate for giving the illegit regime au courant the old heave ho is the Burma Myanmar place.

"...Over the past two decades, the Burmese military has turned a once-prosperous country with enormous potential into a poverty-stricken police state where the government literally enslaves its own people for manual labor.

"...Village after village in Burma’s ethnic tribal areas has been burned and savaged by the junta’s forces, turning hundreds of thousands of Burmese into displaced persons.

"...The ruling generals are tyrannical, bloodthirsty, and without moral restraint. So how do nuclear weapons fit into this picture? Recent reports indicate that the regime is actively pursuing a nuclear program, with the help of North Korea.

"...Such awesome new power in the hands of psychotic bullies who have no regard for human life would be a nightmare — not just for the suffering Burmese, but for all of humanity.

"...Like North Korea’s nuclear program, Burma’s does not suggest that it’s time to cut a deal. It’s time for regime change.

Course, Regime Changin' doesn't always mean a D Day style invasion or an Iraqi Freedom 20 Day Redux - the "Democratic Imperatives" work good too.

"...Aung San Suu Kyi and her ethnic allies are democratic and give the West a viable and powerful option.

"...When America supports those brave souls fighting for their freedom against despicable tyrants, we are not only doing the right thing by them, we are invariably bolstering the safety of our own country. This is especially true in an era when proliferation of nuclear weapons is not just a theoretical threat.

"...They would already have succeeded in toppling their oppressors, except that China has supplied the junta with an arsenal of modern arms and other instruments of repression.

"...There is a steep price for China’s assistance. Burma’s vast
natural resources are being plundered, and China is being provided with strategic military positioning for its army and navy, which puts India in serious jeopardy.

"...All of this is, of course, in keeping with China’s global game plan of adding to its own power by helping the world’s most rotten regimes, including North Korea, Iran, Sudan, and Venezuela, among others.

Pic - "Through its crimes against humanity, the Burmese junta attempts to crush all hope for democratic self-rule, but the junta’s torture and bullets cannot silence the people’s non-violent struggle for democracy."