Thursday, September 16, 2010

“Threats to 2010 Air Supremacy"

Bandits @ 12 0'clock!

Great Satan's Peace Making war machine always relies on a critical element - complete air domination. If, for any reason air dominance is lost - then it's on bay bee and the struggle for air superiority begins.

Last year Def Sec Gates laughingly laughed off jank about a 'fighter gap' and pointed out that by the time any near field competitor like collectivist China finally became able to procreate via production en masse an air superiority fighter to counter F 22 Raptor - or the F 35 JSF - Great Satan would be - like - fielding a thousand such critters.

Air Force 3 Star General, ex Eagle driver and Air Intell Chief just red alerted an amazingly scary alert “Threats to 2010 Air Supremacy"

Essentially Great Satan is losing her air dominance "...and is dangerously ill-prepared to stop the gap-closing efforts of China and Russia.

Such magically remanufactured 5th Generation combat jets competing - from surface-to-air defenses to air-to-air fighters - means Great Satan is forsaking an ancient daemoneoconical imperial designs that are now doctrine!

"These future threats are now current."


“It's a global revolution to modernize air defense systems. When taken in total, our potential adversaries can create a nearly impenetrable box that our legacy fighters cannot enter, thus denying us our air supremacy”

Aside from idly informed insight that:

All of Great Satan's regime changers will be getting tore up from the floor up to secure vital gear for their respective perceived perceptions of missions future and au courant

Wickedly risque whispers rumor departing Air Force officers often get to gig with one of Great Satan's premier combat jet makers and may indeed stage a Threat PR event to reinvigorate Great Satan's F22 franchise.

So what?

Great Satan's future militaries must achieve complete air domination for any endeavor in any environment and against any concievable array of enemies and frienemies. Anyway she can.

Forsake the sirens of 'Overmatch' in the realm of air dominance.

“The dominance we’ve enjoyed in the aerial domain is no longer ours for the taking,”

Pic - "Integrated Defense Acquisition"


Jpck20 said...

First things first: The Pic. It sure isn't just a... cockpit... anymore is it? ;)

Second, maybe the DoD's and Congress's love of UAV's has something to do with their asinine thinking that we don't need new fighters anymore.

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winston said...

Obama's team including SecDef Gates have done irreparable damage to the US military in just 2 years time by cancelling so many projects and giving those funds to such nonsense stuff like health care and union bailouts. Obama is the quintessential anti-American idiot the US can't afford anymore.

Starbuck said...

It's no longer a's a box office ;)

Nygdan said...

Does it really matter is we loose Dominance (or is it Air Supremacy, no?)? Any nation that has the ability to challenge our Air Dominance is SUCH a huge threat of a nation that if we're actually at all out war with it and they're shooting our jets out of the sky, we're just going to Nuke them anyways no?
Heck, if there even /was/ a nation that had a mega-fleet of 5th gen Jets, and we were /just about to/ go to war with them, we'd make a Nuclear 'First Strike', not send in the troops.

Not that I am saying we /should/ just give up Air Dominance, especially considering we're the first people to have that since the Wright Brothers.

Jpck20 said...

we're just going to Nuke them anyways no?

Do you see someone like Obama or Jimmy Carter ordering a Nuclear First Strike? Do you see the current Liberal controlled Congress authorizing said strike?

This is why Air Superiority matters, because we will not always have the civilian leadership capable of understanding or acting on a threat to our nation. Whether it be against the US proper or out somewhere in the world we have gone to to clean up.

Air Superiority makes up for a lot of civilian idiocy and foolishness.