Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Pursuit!

An ancient mom tale that ancient moms enjoy telling is something something "the chase is better than the catch."

While this may indeed be true while pursuing entertainment for the evening (or a lifetime - it depends), in the wild wack realm of the Diplopolititary, the catch is literally killer - the end all - be all.

Like being all hunched up on the Durand Line.

"... ANSF Combat Outpost Narizah came under attack, receiving direct and indirect fire from the Pakistan side of the border. An air weapons team in the area observed the enemy fire and engaged the enemy in the border area under the right of self defense. The engagement resulted in more than 30 insurgents killed.

Aside from laughingly pointing out no civilians (innocent or not) were killed, this interesting caveat appeared

"...At no time
during the engagement did ground forces cross into Pakistan territory"

Since 'Drone Month" kicked off with a record amount of Great Satan's robot air teams raining death onto the heads of creeps, girlphobic jerks and time traveling murderous intolerants (all ratted out by snitches in Great Satan's employ), the concept of 'Hot Pursuit' by design means that ground incursions may happen at any moment!

Natch, Taliban loving ISI cats will not be so hot for such events - jamming up their forever quest for 'Strategic Depth' - raises the ever risible cries about nat'l sovereignty.

What a hoot coming from a new clear fake believe nation state that for some reason cannot - or will not - enforce writ of state. After all, if Land of the Pure was seriously engaged in statecraft au courant - the Haqqies and their kindred spirits would be spirits indeed.

Thus Land of the Pure's po'd retort about
becoming "... constrained to consider response options” is a very double edged sword:

the message communicated to the Nato command was crystal clear that in view of declining public support for war on terror, the security of Nato supply routes through Pakistan could be threatened in the aftermath of the new air campaign..."

Oh, really?

Rumours that PAK Army is taking a break from doing coups - so as not to 'own' the misery and devastation that PAK's civie gov owns via the flood stuff - is also a dual bladed blade.

All that NATO airware doing humanitarian airlifts might well be put to use supplying NATO cats as they ramp up for
Operation Dragon Strike instead.

Pic - "Hot Pursuit!"