Thursday, September 2, 2010

Low Expectations And High Stakes


Low expectations and high stakes have got to be about as exciting as getting stranded at a strip club with no cash.

Not unlike 44's magical hook up with client states like Jordan's King Abdullah v2.0 (cute - but kinda short for a Sandhurst chap), Pyramidland's Undying Pharoh For Life, Little Satan's BiBi and one of the double Palestines' double nom d' guerr'd double broke, no game players.


For eons, the magical on again/off again 'forever quest' for something something 'Palestine' has always envisioned two nation states sweetly cuddled up, entwined and living in Peace.

Yet the two Palestines are fouled up beyond repair -

Palestine Pres Abbas/Mazen of the Fatah party, as chaircat of the ancient of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), may actually be considered illegit sans legal authority to negotiate on behalf of his half of Palestine.

See, his term of office expired in January. Of last year! Taking a page from Autocrazies - Abbas/Mazen magically self extended his term for a year - which petered out in January of this year.

Thus, rendering any deal - null and void

"...In the absence of national unity and a solid domestic mandate, Abbas has been forced to seek “political cover” from external actors, first from the Arab League and then later from the Quartet (US, EU, UN and Russia), before agreeing to enter direct negotiations with Little Satan.

Such a self inflicted schisimus maximus totally jams up Abbas/Mazen's diplopolititary fire and manuever ability in honest negotiations. And at an ancient 74 years old - it's probably his last gig before hitting the escape hatch and bailing out to the beach front villa in Qatar.

"... Although Abbas has pledged to put any agreement to a popular referendum, the outcome of such a vote (to say nothing of the likelihood of its taking place in the first place) would be far from certain.

"...It seems clear that any agreement that is negotiated exclusively by a Fateh-dominated PLO with no input or buy-in from Hamas—regardless of its content—is far more likely to be actively opposed by it, and thus likely defeated, than one that is more inclusive.

"...Ironically, therefore, an “imperfect” agreement that has buy-in and input from all major Palestinian factions, including Hamas, is far more likely to pass such a referendum than a theoretically “perfect” agreement that does not.

This week will be the death of the Oslo organized '2 State Illusion Solution"

Pic - "Wahabbi Arabia is AWOL!"


Winston said...

There are so many ironies to consider here: 1- No one can impose statehood on bunch of idiots i.e Palis who don't want it, 2- It's absurd that Obama doesn't/has not interfered with what is going on in Iran as a way of respecting the criminal mullahs' reign but he sees fit to meddle in the affairs of a liberal, democratic state like Israel. Talk about double ironies. I'd say this whole thing will collapse again in about 6 months. Israel will be secure and at peace ONCE Gaza is wiped off the map (literally or figuratively, it does not matter). That is the only way forward. Obama is a useless, clueless idiot whose agenda is destructive and has to be stopped this November.

Jpck20 said...

100% agree with Winston, well said.

ONCE Gaza is wiped off the map

I honestly think Israel was trying to get something started along those lines back in 2006 with their little fracas with Hezbollah. My belief was that they were trying to bait Syria into open warfare by beating up on Hezbollah. If Syria had been dumb enough to do it and moved into Lebanon to fight the Israeli forces, well then, all bets would have been off. I could see Israel not stopping until they controlled all of Syria and had wiped out Gaza to boot.

Of course, Syria didn’t fall for it and all the Lib pundits were gleefully claiming Israel didn't accomplish anything against Hezbollah.

By the way, anyone hear anything from those guys recently? That's what I thought.

Winston said...

Israel in 2006 was led by an idiot

Angeilna said...

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Jpck20 said...

Very true Winston.

Though I did read something recently that some people are claiming Israel is getting ready to hit Hezbollah sites in Syria.

Now that could make things interesting.