Monday, September 6, 2010

Taiwan In 3 Days

Oh Snap!

Hot gossip claims recent simulations of a Chinese D Day style invasion of Taiwan would result in a complete Peoples Liberation military victory in three days.

"...Under the scenario, assuming war in 2011, the People's Liberation Army (PLA) launched intensive air raids on Taiwan before sending in ground troops from sea and air.

"...The war game found that Chinese troops could march into Taipei on the third day of hostilities, seizing control of Taiwan's top military command and the presidential office.

Pic - "AirSea Battle?"


Grouchy Historian said...

Sure the PLA can be in Taipei in less than three day.......if they are willing to take horrendous casualties. Simple geography dictates which landings sites are suitable invasion beaches...and the Taiwanese know that, once the PLA blow everything to hell with their bazillions of short range ballistic missiles...their only hope is to quickly seize a major port or use their airborne troops to clear the beaches...either prospect will be bloody...can they do it...yes...would they do it...hmmmm, hard to make iPods and iPads in smoldering wreckage.