Friday, September 3, 2010

Targets Of Opportunity


In the super rich target set of 44's Shadow War, several literally killer kill trophies have appeared.

Largely unnoticed (an amazing feat considering the girthy robustness personally deployed) the old Mahdi Army/JAM Militia and general control freak Mookie al Sadr has been whispered to be taking time out from Preacher Command's Ayatollah Academy to hang in Beirut.

Maybe Mookie just wants to chillax with his old BF from back in the day - the current Body Part Collector General of Hiz'B'Allah - the equally creepy and girthy H'Ssan Nasr'allah. Or maybe Mookie is just reminiscing about Imad Mughaniyah - Mahdi Army's murderous mentor, Revo Guard Commander and Hiz'B'Allah killer - and all that training, prepping and missions to kill Americans in Iraq.

Doesn't really matter. Mookie most likely has tons of hot! gossip, smoking deets and wicked little future plots to share with Great Satan over a long, leisured thorough. enhanced interrogation in an unknown locale.

Mookie's disappearance could easily be explained - maybe he really is like Mahdi! Maybe he disappeared into occultation and might come back one day. Who could say?

Another target of opportunity is an officially designated terrorist group on Great Satan's Official Hit List that has sprouted up in Mexico.

Weaponized Hiz'B'Allah within Fajr 5 missile range of Great Satan's Army Intell school at Ft Huachuca would be sweet to snatch too. The most proficient, serial killers and tormentors of Americans since Cold War time would have equally risque rumors to willingly share once firmly in Great Satan's righteous clutches.

Pic "Sleeper cells, patient plots, phone intercepts and covert operations"


Jpck20 said...

Again GSG/F, pic is making it hard for me to concentrate!!!

Would love to see us snatch Al Sadr and torture the fuck out of that piece of shit.

Yeah, I said torture Libs. Fucking TORTURE!!!

Bartender Cabbie said...

The politically correct term is "enhanced interrogation." enchancements are good.

courtneyme109 said...

Medical personnel on hand with career intell experts, Xlators and attorneys in a climate controlled restricted environment where no permanent harm is done is NOT torture.

More like recreation that may actually save lives, provide hot gossip about enemies, enemy enablers and also sends a wonderful signal that Great Satan is in it to win it.

Jpck20 said...

Didn't you guys get the memo? To every Lib out there, just asking a Jihadi his name amounts to 'torture' in their eyes.

Besides, I do enjoy baiting Libs as a general practice.

Call it entertainment ;)

And yeah, we used to do worse to each other back when I was in the USMC for shits and giggles than anything that may or may not have been done to a Jihadi.

Render said...

Is that Monica Lewinsky on the far left?