Monday, September 13, 2010

"Change Or Be Changed!"

Smashing fashion luv!

Uncle Tony's hot! controversial daytrip down Memoir Lane (fully crunk with gossip and risque raison d'etre') shares da deets about Great Satan's most former VP - the nigh indestructable cardiac wise, avuncular vulcan nom d'guerr'd Gitmo Dick.

Uncle Tony grants dramatic lift and reinforces what all the cool kids knew eons ago.

When it comes to illegit, intolerant regimes that fear fun, free choice while penchanting a constant strong inclination to hook up and hang with terrorists, creepy non state actor outers and fiddle about with WMD witchcraft - best to break out the hard power bay bee!

The previous vp saw 911 as a Strategic Wake Up Call, Uncle Tony says

"The world had to be remade after September the 11th. Work through the whole lot, Iraq, Syria, Iran, dealing with all their surrogates in the course of it - Hiz'B'Allah, HAMAS, etc."

"Hard, hard power. No ifs, no buts, no maybes. We're coming after you, so change or be changed."

Kinda tough to debate that one - after all -

"...Threats from those quarters have only increased. Iran is the greatest challenge and remaking Iran should be a national security priority.

"...Removing the Iranian threat would go far to take care of the others on Mr. Cheney's hit list. Syria has long been an Iranian client, a majority Sunni country ruled by a small Shiite cabal who rely on Iran for subsidies to remain in power. Lebanese Hiz'B'Allah is likewise bolstered by Iran as a mainstay of its terrorist network, and Palestinian HAMAS has been drawn further into Tehran's orbit in recent years.

"...None of these entities would likely survive as important regional powers if they lost the subsidies made possible by Iran's energy wealth.

Pic - "An attempt to inform and shape current and future thinking"


J. said...

"Iran is the greatest challenge and remaking Iran should be a national security priority."

And so Dick decided to invade Iraq, the one nation that had provided the bulwark against the Great Islamic Threat for decades.

Brilliant. He and Tony must be a lot of fun, talking about how they screwed up the Middle East so badly in such a short period of time.