Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Satan's Next War

Oh! It's so!

When the balloon goes up on Little Satan's north 40 - it is so NOT going to resemble the old Hiz'B'Allah Rocket War of '06.

It's going to be off the hook!

It's regional bay bee - battleground Lebanon, Little Satan and Syria most likely sucking in Iran.

Comprising major combat ops, vertical envelopment, Kursk style hack and slash with significant casualties among combatants and civilian - both innocent and the innocent enabling civilian shields. Mayhem on an industrial scale will devastate infrastructure.

Little Satan's master plan involves seriously trashing Hiz'B'Allah's rocket artillery, rocketry and missile stashes and launch sites before skyscrapers are exploding in Little Satan's shiny new modern cities and in an incredible feat of audacious battlefield audacity - annihilate the three reinforced Battle Commands 2 on the sunny side of Litani and one north.

An all out land-sea-air blitz by Little Satan to diss and disrupt HbA's Command and Control stuff all over Lebanon with serious damage done on infrastructure throughout Lebanon.

Bluffs, feints and out right threats will ideally assure al Assad the best course of action is to preserve the regime and keep the war from breaking into Syria.

Mobilizing reserves, shrewd panzer movements and "...flexing muscles..." indicate Little Satan will not worry to much about striking any Syrian forces or Iranian assets that contemplate coming to Hiz'B'Allah's rescue.

The recent gossip that Syria will be deploying several sea coast batteries of Yakhont anti ship cruise missiles with a range of 300 kilometers means any D Day style amphib ops will require their instant destruction or capture.

Overland resupply from Syria is null and void via the IAF so Beirut's Airport is perhaps the most public - tender - sensitive portion that Hiz,B'Allah bares.

The overt girthy robust Body Part Collector General went to the limit to keep it in HbA's hands - pushing the nation to the brink in a counter coup to keep it. Capturing and reinforcing the airport on day one
as a forward combat base will do much to avert attention from the slow bump and grind just over the Blue Line and seriously splinter Hiz'B'Allah from it's highest eschelons.

Little Satan could possibly
use the lust of returning it to Lebanon as a condition to do UN Reso #1680 and get some serious jawflapping going about disarming Hiz'B'Allah

Use 'em or lose 'em will be Hiz'B'Allah's raison d'guerre raining as many weapons as possible on Little Satan's northern approaches to inflict max causalities.

Syrian Air Force will try to intercept any Little Satan recon and interdiction flights from xing into Syria airspace - or maybe even engage in Leb airspace - considering the - uh - close proximity of the fighting to Damascus. If Syria becomes directly involved in fighting - it will be far more interested in protecting the regime than going Golan, replenishing Hiz'B'Allah's rocket stocks or re estabbing the old Kuriba al Suryat in Lebanon.

Persia will accelerate with an avalanche of materiel to Syria and Hiz'B'Allah including technicians, some combat units of varying size and ability and maybe even firing off missiles at Little Satan - ratcheting tension up - maybe even straits of Hormuz belligerence.

Within 2 weeks - Little Satan will occupy choice bits of Lebanon and possibly the entire Strip - depending if HAMAS acts out.

If Little Satan is determined in her battlefield exploits, "...and willing to pay the price in casualties and damage incurred, it will succeed militarily, break the military power of Hezbollah and weaken it politically.

"... The Syrian regime will be weakened, and Iran's activity in the region will be contained because of the downfall of its allies. If Iran does not assist its allies, it will also lose much of its influence.

"...HAMAS, if it becomes involved directly in the war, will lose its military power in the Gaza strip and at least some of its political power.

Great Satan should not rush to contain Little Satan, instead stretch time and cover "...to give the IDF the time and space necessary to complete its operations against Hiz'B'Allah and Syria..."

Pic - "A war in southern Lebanon might be orders of magnitude more destructive than the conflict in 2006


Jpck20 said...

Nice hair ladies!!!

I'm all for Little Satan letting loose, I'm sure they are itching to get a crack at Irans 'Friendly Nuclear Power System' ASAP.

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Bartender Cabbie said...

Right on! Let it begin.