Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Once And Future World Revolutionary

Oh, it's true bay bee!

Being hot! funny, smart, cool, desirable and fashionably coutured as the world's indispensably Hyper Puissant bears certain costs as a - actually - the Great Power!

Great Satan has been revolutionary beyond repair since the day she hit the hood - and she is not about to change.

"...America remains the most revolutionary force on the planet. Love us or hate us (and feel free to do both) -- our DNA remains unchanged. We are a frontier-integrating nation that refuses to stand back, much less stand still.

"...Simply put, the world didn't work until we came along and sought to reshape it in our image

Sassy sweet
imperialistic hubris nicht war?

Au contraire, mon frer'!

See, Great Satan's "...65-year moratorium on great-power war and an international liberal trade order actually empowers and enriches individuals the world over -- especially women.

"...The rising pillars of the East and South -- such as Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, India and China -- while speaking of themselves in great-power terms and building up their military might, continue to free-ride on the West's efforts. What's more, they prefer to describe us as more problem than solution, while offering no serious alternatives of their own.

"...In short, as the world experiences fantastic structural change, an aging, post-industrial West still covers all security "bets" while the surging, rapidly industrializing East and South lack the military maturity and strategic vision to step up and lend a much-needed hand.

"...So we watch demographically moribund Europe struggle to recast its relatively small militaries as expeditionary forces, while cash- and manpower-rich China stockpiles advanced weaponry useful only for fighting fellow great powers.

"...How long can this resource mismatch endure? Plenty long, judging by some of our clueless erstwhile allies. Consider Pakistan, which took about 10 years and $10 billion in U.S. military aid to finally admit that its in-country version of the Taliban constitutes a bigger security threat than India.

"...Astride it all stands America, which, amazingly enough, continues to find the political willpower to try and manage the international security landscape, even as such efforts contribute to -- but hardly encompass -- its magnificent public debt. Despite our enduring self-sacrifice, the world still feels more hostility than gratitude toward us

"...The world will continue demanding our responses, both kinetic and non-kinetic, in the years ahead. The sirens of isolationism will argue otherwise, as will those who dream of fantastically big wars against fabulously armed opponents.

"...A problem shelved is not a problem solved. We created this world; we will not abandon it.

Pic "Cause it happens too fast and it feels so good, it's like walking on glass" with January Jones


Bartender Cabbie said...

A hotty that is wicked smart. I like that vato. I like that!

René said...

oh, girlfriend, you go, baybee.