Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Semper Fi Femmes

Semper Fi Femmes!

Great Satan's Marine Corps is the most - uh - manly - of all Great Satan's regime changers. Over 200K leathernecks with a tiny tiny contingent of roughly 6% being grrls.

Contributing a small - yet awesome - contribution to winning the AFPAK wars - these Teufel Hundenettes are out in the villages, winning friends, influencing people and doing the Mad Dog Maxim that insurgency fence sitters can have no better friend - or worse nightmare - than Marines.

Nom d'guerre'd "Female Engagement Teams" they send a conflict free signal

“Your men come to fight, but we know the women are here to help.”

Doing their gig in the newly liberated Taliban stronghold near Patrol Base Jaker in the Nawa district of Helmand, former cheerleaders, coeds and retail managers are out on the town discreetly gathering intell and

"...information on women's health issues and get clearance from Afghan elders to build a center where women can meet without male chaperones. The hope is that an initial peace offering of medical care could translate into an alliance."

They go house to house chatting up the ladies as there are not so many Afghan girls walking about without a posse of male relative chaperones:

"...Ironically, the female Marines have a similar problem: As an attachment unit, they can't leave the base for their engagement expeditions unless they are with at least six male Marines.

"...On foot patrols through the bazaar, they encounter another threat: Afghan men. Wearing traditional salwar kameez outfits and embroidered prayer caps, the men encircle the four American women one afternoon when I'm with them, aggressively asking questions like, "Are you married? Do your husbands know you're out?" The men freely grab at their bodies

Corporal Heather Sample tolerates it - to an extent:

"The double standard is annoying. In America, I'd defend myself, but here I can't act on how I feel. I didn't expect to be so soft on them."

Includes a great story of making initial contacts complete with a tribal issued boy as 'terp (the tribal leader didn't want the normal Afghani 'terp) that ad libs and free styles more than needed (little brothers are the same everywhere - nicht war?)

One thing's for sure: The female-engagement teams are redefining war—transforming women into pivotal influencers on the front lines.

Pic - " "These women need our help. And we aren't going to help them sitting behind a desk on some military base."


Jpck20 said...

That's a great story GSG/F. There's not many WM's (Women Marines, that's what we called 'em in my day)out there but they can find themselves in the middle of things in a hurry.

I think it also underscores what a backwards and disgusting cult Islam really is. I'm sure the male Marines would love to deck the afghani's pawing at the WM's as reported but of course, they are professionals through and through.

A big Semper Fi to all the Devil Dogs out on the lines and in the villes.

Nygdan said...

Shouldn't "Teufel Hundenettes" translate as "Devil Bitches"? But the good kinda Bitches, like Beyotche's.

As far as islam being disgusting because of the afghan pawing of the Devil Bitch's, I suspect those same cheerleaders and coed's got gropped a-plenty at the clubs and frat houses back home (or in the barracks, yes no?) (not that either excuses the other)

Soap McTavish said...


the problem with FETs is that some people seem to think that female intuition is a substitute for actual training as a female engagement team. newsflash - telling a fueler and a supply clerk that they are now a FET and imbedding them with an infantry company is a recipie for failure. they will end up, as i observed, sitting in a guard tower with a M240B, a weapon system with which they are not very familiar. now, not only are they not functioning as a combat multiplier...they're a security risk.

Grouchy Historian said...

Hmm, interesting story...sort of a covert operation to get to the women and convince them...hopefully.... that their children are better of living than dying for Allah...thanks.

Jpck20 said...

As far as islam being disgusting because of the afghan pawing of the Devil Bitch's,

Sorry if you couldn't infer the point without me having to spell it out more for you.

There are obviously many more reasons why Islam is disgusting, but I figured their institutional belief and practice of the subjugation and domination of women would be an obvious connection with this story.

I apologize in assuming everyone would be able to comprehend that.

Render said...

It would seem almost painfully obvious that the fratboy version of "hey, let's get stoned" is radically different from that of the sandles and manjammies gravel farmer crowd.

Groping and pawing in western clubs is a mutual deal that very few complain about, most having arrived there willingly to begin with.

Groping and pawing in the male dominated villages of gravel farmers and dirt herders ten thousand miles away from everywhere else is a much larger problem...for those on the receiving end. Those assets can quickly become liabilities.