Saturday, September 4, 2010

Nat'lism Redux

So mote it be!

In the twilight of the Westphalian Era, as the daemoneoconically delish Dr K psychically predicted a while back, nationalism is making a comeback!

"...Nationalism is returning, based on stronger common ties of language, history, religion, and culture. We are even seeing the return of a two-century-old European “problem”: a powerful Germany that logically seeks greater political influence commensurate with its undeniable economic superiority.

"...The tired Israeli-Palestinian fight over the future of the West Bank is no longer the nexus of Middle East tensions. The Muslim Arab world is now more terrified by the re-emergence of a bloc of old familiar non-Arabic, Islamic fundamentalist rivals.

Whoa! A bad B slap to the mighty mightiless side show nom d' guerre'd Arab League - that for whatever reason couldn't lead their collective of autocrazies to regional hegemony if their collective lives depended on it.

And it does!

"...With nuclear weapons, theocratic Iran wants to offer strategic protection to radical allies such as Syria, Hiz'B'Allah, and HAMAS, and at the same time restore Persian glory. While diverse, this rogue bunch shares contempt for the squabbling Sunni Arab world of rich but defenseless Gulf petro-sheikdoms and geriatric state authoritarians.

"...Turkey is flipping back to its pre-20th-century past. Its departure from NATO is not a question of if, but when. The European Union used to not want Turkey; now Turkey does not want the shaky EU.

"...Turkish revisionism now glorifies the old Ottoman sultanate. Turkey wants to recharge that reactionary model as the unifier and protector of Islam — not the modern, vastly reduced secular state of Kemal Ataturk. Weak neighbors Armenia, Cyprus, Greece, and Kurdistan have historical reasons to tremble.

K. Fair enough - yet, Great Satan built the modern world - and She knows her way around. Teufel Hunden's globe, anchor and eagle Tour icon come to mind.

Great Satan redux?

"...As panicky old allies look for American protection, we talk of slashing our defense budget. In apologetic fashion, we spend more time appeasing confident enemies than buttressing worried friends.

"...Just as old problems return, so do equally old solutions. Once-stodgy ideas like a free-market economy, strong defense, secure borders, and national unity are suddenly appearing fresh and wise.

Pic "You know it beotches!"


libertariansoldier said...

So mote it be.
Love the reference to the Liaden universe.

Bartender Cabbie said...

very good post