Saturday, September 18, 2010

Clashing China

Oh! You know, it's so!

When it comes to killer cool combat franchise d' guerre in the twilight of the age of Westphalia, Great Satan's been there, done that and owns the T tank top!

"No military can claim that it has more combat experience than America's. And any military that wishes to remain at the cutting edge of its profession without paying the cost of actual prosecution of war would serve itself well to become an ardent student of America's campaigns."

So how does a nation state (the largest collective on the face of the earth) view events future and au courant vis a vis open conflict with Great Satan?

"...Two important questions for the second decade of the 21st Century are whether China can be satisfied even by becoming a coequal of the United States; and whether the latter would be amenable to accepting China as its coequal?"

"...A very important, but a tacit, aspect related to the latter question is that the United States should also be ready for the scenario of China becoming number one among the hierarchy of nations within a decade or so."

Great Satan's recent dossier on Collectivist China's Military Machine gossip that

"...Many uncertainties remain regarding how China will use its expanding military capabilities. The limited transparency in China’s military and security affairs enhances uncertainty and increases the potential for misunderstanding and miscalculation."

K. People's Liberation Armed Forces immediate and forever goals are maintaining the regime - aside from despot rule #1, China also enjoys several key issues - or - core beliefs on her path to hyper puissance.

"...What is interesting to note is that, as China continues its awesome economic rise, it seems to have initiated the process of expanding the list of its core interests. In the past, only Taiwan and Tibet were included in that list. Lately, however, it has also added the South China Sea as a core issue.

"...Considering the fact that the PRC has shown no inclination to negotiate on the "old" core issues, it is expected to do the same regarding the South China Sea. There is a major difference between its old and its new core issues.

"...On its old core interests (Taiwan and Tibet) no other country is claiming sovereignty over them (even though one can argue that Taiwan claims to be a sovereign nation and its sovereignty is recognized by numerous countries, but their numbers are steadily dwindling). However, in the case of the South China Sea, the interests of other states of East Asia come into conflict with that of China.

"...For a country that has been so vociferous about America's hubris related to its unilateralism and "hegemonism," China's decision to elevate the significance of the South China Sea as a core issue is nothing short of its own manifestation of arrogance. One can objectively state that China's behavior might merely be a demonstration of how a rising or "wannabe" superpower behaves.

Pic - "Peoples Liberation Commandos are ever vigilant against capitalistic hegemonic chicanery"