Friday, September 24, 2010



In the world of cyber d'guerre, a magically delish - one of a kind virally virus thingy first met when a Belarus-based security company discovered it on computers belonging to an Iranian client back in July.

Since then - it's appeared and spread through Iran, India and Indonesia.

It's Stuxnet - built by a very sophisticated and capable attacker - possibly a nation state - and Stuxnet was designed to destroy something big.

"...Stuxnet is going to be the best studied piece of malware in history. We will even be able to do process forensics in the lab. Again, the attacker must know this.

"...Therefore, the whole attack only makes sense within a very limited timeframe. After Stuxnet is analzyed, the attack won't work any more. It's a one-shot weapon. So we can conclude that the planned time of attack isn't somewhen next year.We must assume that the attack did already take place.We are also assuming that it was successful. So let's check where something blew up recently.

Iran's Bushehr new clear site!

"...It is hard to ignore the fact that the highest number of infections seems to be in Iran. Can we think of any reasonable target that would match the scenario? Yes, we can.

"...Look at the Iranian nuclear program. Strange -- they are presently having some technical difficulties down there in Bushehr. There also seem to be indications that the people in Bushehr don't seem to be overly concerned about cyber security.

Pic "Stuxnet attacks critical Siemans Code Organizational Block 35 and could easily cause a refinery's centrifuge to malfunction"


Jpck20 said...

You know how the virus got spread in Iran?

Burkha Porn.


Soap McTavish said...

you scooped cnn on this one. it's a fascinating story...not sure if you linked to it or not but's been following stuxnet as well.

Findalis said...

Considering the anti-virus and firewall used in Stuxnet was written in Israel, it is a good bet that Little Satan is being all she can be and driving the Monkeyman and his gang up the wall. I wonder how far it will spread through out the system before (if ever) it is stopped?

Paul Champagne said...

Congrats to little Satan on it's successful attack on Persia. I hope it put their nuclear program back a few paces.

René said...

richest story all week. but the Russkies spread it.

Duchess Of Austin said...

Sorry, but there is no proof that the virus was written in Israel. In fact, they don't know enough about it to know *where* it came from. It's very sophisticated and has several triggers as opposed to just one that normal worms have. To date, nobody knows where it came from, although of course the JOOOOs are to blame, as usual. Frankly I hope they did do it, because it would serve the Monkeyman right.

Anonymous said...

Theres also no proof 'GrEaT sAtAn' did Stuxnet either, considering the 'no first use' policy on cyber attacks.